Paul Telfer Xander Marry Kiss Dismiss
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Sure, the guy is hot…but is he a keeper?

No wonder Days of our LivesSarah struggles with her feelings where Xander is concerned. After all, the guy is hot…but he’s also a cad. And sure, he’s caused her a great deal of pain, but — did we mention he’s extremely good looking?

Because our own feelings for the character are almost as complicated as Sarah’s, we thought it might be helpful for all of us to work through them in a healthy, judgment-free environment. No, not therapy with Dr. Marlena Evans! We were thinking of a spirited round of Kiss, Marry, Dismiss, in which we try and figure out into which category the hunk deserves to be placed. Once we’ve laid out the arguments for each and made our decision, head to the poll to let us know which option you’d take, and the comment section to explain why!

This one is sort of a no-brainer, isn’t it? Even if we decided not to mention his looks again — does talking about those abs count? — he’d still prove swoon-worthy. We wouldn’t go as far as bad boy Leo — who tried blackmailing Xander into bed — but we’d certainly have mistletoe on hand year-round!

Given some of his past antics, it might seem hard to think of Xander as the kind of guy you’d want to marry. But come on, he was willing to pull off a baby swap in order to ensure Sarah’s happiness. Plus, if Maggie — aka the kindest soul in Salem — sees the good in him, he can’t be all bad!

It’s easy to forget that Xander has a rap sheet as long as that interminable storyline — about smuggled diamonds inside an elephant statue — with which he was introduced. Among his crimes? Trying to strangle both Nicole and Theresa, escaping prison, shooting Marlena (on her wedding day, no less!) and framing Will!

Call us crazy (you won’t be the first), but we can’t help thinking Xander is husband material. Why? Because he’s shown real growth. In the past, his less savory actions were motivated largely by self-preservation. Whereas before, he’d have killed for money, the new-and-improved Xander would die for love in general, and that of a good woman like Sarah in particular.

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