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While rehashing all that could have been with Ben moving into the loft way back in August of 2018, I decided that there were too many stories that were never told. Too many soapy goodness-filled moments that we never got to see. So, I decided to write them myself. In the format of diaries, alternating between Ciara and Ben’s point of view, these chapters fill the gaps on what could have happened during that time, all the while exploring the growing and ever-evolving dynamic between Ciara Brady and newly appointed roommate, Ben Weston.

The One With The Late Night Talk
August 14, 2018

It was 2:05 in the morning when she finally woke from the horrendous nightmare that had been plaguing her sleep. She hated being jolted awake like that. Heart pounding. Body covered in sweat. It was like someone took two defibrillator paddles and shocked her heart right out of her chest. She was never capable of falling back asleep after such intense nightmares. Not fully anyway.

She needed water. A big glass of it, too. However, she didn’t want to wake up Ben, who was probably sound asleep on the couch just on the other side of her bedroom wall. But she sweats so much during her nightmares, they completely dehydrated her. No. Waiting until sunrise wasn’t an option. She’d just have to do her best not to make any noise.

Slipping out from underneath the covers, she grabbed the old oversized sweatshirt hanging from the chair next to her dresser and put it on. It was an AC/DC tee from the ’90s that had belonged to her dad. Her favorite piece of clothing she owned. Wearing it made her feel that much closer to him. When she needed him, she wore it. When she felt scared, she wore it. When she felt lost, she wore it. God, she missed him more every day. When he died, so did a piece of her heart. His death had darkened a part of her soul. A part she feared would never find the light again. She’d give anything to have him back. Even if it was just for one day. To be able to embrace him. To hear him laugh. To see him smile. That’s what dreams were for though, she thought.

Slowly, she cracked open her door. The room was pitch black, except for the moonlight coming in through the window right above where he was sleeping. Doing her best not to make the floors creak, she tiptoed her way to the fridge. She grabbed the Brita pitcher, as well as a glass from the cabinet. Although, as she pulled out the glass from the cabinet, a box of ginger lemon tea stored next to it came flying out, causing a loud thud to vibrate across the room as it hit the floor.

“Damnit”, she whispered to herself, knowing she may very well have just woken him up.

“Ciara?” a voice whispered back confused. Great. She had woken him up.

“Yeah. It’s me. Down here. Behind the counter.” She answered, embarrassingly, as she started picking up the tea bags that had spilled everywhere.

“What – what are you doing?”, he asked, dazed. The raspiness in his voice let her know he was still half asleep. It was bad enough that she was already very much attracted to his regular voice. His ‘I just woke up’ voice was even sexier. This was becoming a real problem for her.
She heard him get up from the couch and start walking towards her…

“Please be wearing a shirt, please be wearing a shirt, please be wearing a shirt”, she muttered under her breath, knowing he was coming to help her. And knowing that if he did so without a shirt, the next couple of minutes would be quite agonizing for her.

“I- I was just getting a glass, and accidentally knocked the tea bags over.” She replied, answering his earlier question.

“Here, let me help you.” He whispered softly.

“No, no. It’s fine. I’m almost done anyway.” She pointed out, trying to avoid looking up at him.

“Please. It’s nothing.” He insisted as he lowered himself to reach her level. No longer being able to avoid him, she tilted her head up and looked him straight in the eyes. Damn. Well, of course, he was shirtless. But that’s not what got her. His eyes did the trick this time. With the moonlight reflecting in them, making them glisten in a way they never had before, it was like she was getting a peek at his soul.

“Thank you.” She murmured. “Place them in here.” Ciara continued, as she held up the cardboard box the tea bags came in. As they picked up the remaining bags from off the floor, their hands reached for the very last one at the same time. Her whole body trembled when his fingers touched hers, and for a second, it was like nothing else existed. A total and a complete disconnect from the outside world. It was just the two of them…

A teaser for what’s to come:

When an inexplicable and powerful connection begins to flourish, the boundaries between friendship and something more start to blur. One is Salem royalty and already in a relationship. The other is a reformed serial killer on the road to redemption. Add in co-habitation into the mix. Things are bound to get a little messy, right?

What are your thoughts on the story for Ben and Ciara? Would you like to see what comes next? Let know in the comments.

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