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Lookalike soap opera characters are very different…or are they?

Salem is abuzz with the news that the late Stefan DiMera’s (Brandon Barash) doppelganger has arrived in town, and though there are those who suspect he may actually be Stefan, Days of our Lives’ newcomer Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash) has so far proven to be pretty different than Gabi DiMera’s (Camila Banus) former husband…or is he?

While both Stefan and Jake are sexy in their own way and boast the ‘bad boy’ appeal, DiMera was more refined in his tastes, dressed in suits, worked as an executive, and lived in mansion. Jake is firmly in the ‘blue-collar’ realm, what with his casual clothing, rough around the edges way of speaking, and his job as a ‘grease monkey’ as Gabi likes to call him. He lives above the garage in a room. So, on the surface they would seem to be too different people. In an interview with Soaps.com, Barash stated, “The characters are not very similar.” Jake seems to have a past of his own which involves an ex, and being in some sort of hot water with goons showing up and mysterious phone calls involved. Moreover, Stefan seemed to be really most sincerely dead, even for someone in Salem, as his heart was actually implanted into Julie in the very same hospital where he died. But we know that doesn’t mean a lot for Salem.

With all of that said, you don’t have to look too far beneath the surface to see the similarities between the two – even Stefan’s former right-hand man and Jake’s new assistant, Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) thinks they are alike in some of their mannerisms and behavior. Both took a shine to Ben as well. As for Gabi, they shared the same initial reaction to her – she’s a pain in the butt, but undeniably hot. Jake and Stefan seem to share a similar temperament – outwardly cool with a tendency to morph into a hot-head – and both seem to move in circles that involve the necessity of dealing with goons and navigating mysterious troubles. Additionally, as Barash noted, “They are both well-intentioned in their minds and can make poor decisions as a result of that.”

While some were hoping for a different approach between Gabi and Jake, the powers that be opted to go with the same dynamic between them as with Gabi and Stefan in that he finds her attractive but maddening. Those who enjoyed the sexual chemistry and love/hate thing with Stefan and Gabi, however, may be enjoying her sparring with Jake as it’s almost like getting to watch the original couple come together all over again, just with a twist.

Of course, it could all be settled with a simple DNA test, but dragging it out by having Gabi go to Dr. Rolf, and now with the new twist with the serum, is more fun and will make the payoff – whether it’s Jake being revealed as Stefan, or Jake and Gabi falling for one another – all the more worthwhile.

Do you prefer Jake or Stefan? Or perhaps you like them both? Vote in the poll for which way you’re leaning, then read our Days of our Lives spoilers to find out what’s ahead in the storyline.

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