Stacy Haiduk interview leaves DAYS
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Stacy Haiduk doesn’t see Kristen DiMera as a villain anymore.

Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) had a big week on Days of our Lives. The baby Rachel (Emma, Kate and Miller Kamienski) storyline wrapped, but it left us wondering — will we see Kristen back in Salem in the future? tried to coax that answer out of Stacy Haiduk and she had a coy response for us in an interview we did with her this week.

Haiduk loved playing out this storyline because it allowed Kristen to grow from a villain to someone with tremendous heart and layers of emotions — with a glimpse of her dark edges, too. Her character always wanted to be a mom and Kristen finally had that opportunity, but it was a heartbreaking journey to get there.

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Another big arc of her story was Kristen’s friendship with Lani Price (Sal Stowers), which allowed her to have a true BFF, someone who risked everything to make her dream come true. Kristen hasn’t had that type of person in her life before, so Haiduk thought it brought some balance to Kristen’s world.

If anyone is wondering what Haiduk is doing through the stay-at-home orders in L.A., there is a lot of organizing and redecorating going on. She also teased us with the possibility of more dance videos on a social media platform other than Instagram. We caught her promise on camera, so let’s hope she delivers some fresh grooves to us soon.

Watch the interview to find out what Haiduk believes would happen to Kristen if she quarantined alone and where she thinks Kristen is headed with the baby.

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