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We’re closer to realizing who is most likely doing the deed.

In the April 27 episode of Days of our Lives, recapped that Abigail (Kate Mansi) hallucinated Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson), AKA The Necktie Killer, twisting his necktie, preparing to strangle her. She screamed at “Ben” to get back and yelled for Chad (DiMera, Billy Flynn). In reality, Ben wasn’t there and Chad removed his tie and placed it on the sofa and stepped toward her, trying to calm her down. Abigail soon came out of the delusion and swore up and down that Ben was there. Chad assured his wife that they were alone. They both became concerned that her DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) had returned and hightailed it into University Hospital where Abigail had yet another hallucination that Ben was strangling Ciara (Victoria Konefal), when in reality, Sonny (Kiriakis, Freddie Smith) was hugging Ciara after they learned Victor (Kiriakis, John Aniston) had been stabbed. Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) quickly ran some tests and they soon learned that Abigail wasn’t having a setback. She was drugged. Since then she had another hallucination and likely more to come before we find the culprit drugging her.

Gabi Hernandez

The list is short for who might drug Abigail but the most obvious for Chad and Abby is Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus). They have a history. Gabi wants revenge for Li Shin giving Chad her CEO position and taking her company, Gabi Chic from her. Could Gabi have done this? It seems to be too obvious, but maybe that’s its brilliance, so we’re thrown off. Gabi does live with Abigail and Chad. She has access to Abigail’s drinks and could have easily slipped in and out of the tunnel to drug her. She also could have slipped something into Abigail’s glass. This has become’s most plausible theory.


Moving on, there are thoughts that one of Abigail’s alters drugged Abigail. Gabby could have returned to make sure that Gabi doesn’t reunite with Stefan (Jake), though Marlena has already said that the hallucination was caused by some hallucinogen. Not DID. So we can likely scrap this theory.

Chad DiMera

Chad has been under scrutiny. But he loves Abby and wouldn’t do this to his children. It was hard enough the first time for this family. It’s difficult to come up with a reason behind this as a possibility.

Li Shin

Some suspect Li Shin has something to do with this. But isn’t he gone back to Hong Kong? There was no mention of it either way and no real reason why he’d drug her since he made Chad CEO.

Vivian Alamain

There is someone who is known for her dastardly ways who would think nothing of hurting others to get what she wants. We know Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) is returning to Days of our Lives, which means can’t help but consider Vivian to be another top contender. Vivian would have no trouble doing this, who has done similar things to get what she wants. Her reasoning? Maybe she knows Jake is really Stefan and is preparing for her son to return as CEO. If Chad is too busy looking after his wife, he might mess up, leaving an easy open for Stefan. But Vivian’s not due to return until July, while Kate Mansi is leaving Salem in May.

That brings us back to our number one suspect. Gabi Hernandez. Let us know your thoughts on these theories and any others of who you think is drugging Abigail by joining the conversation in the comments and voting in’s poll.

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