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Gabi and Jake share an intense moment.

Since the return of Brandon Barash to Days of our Lives, fans have been curious about whether or not his new character Jake is really a new character – or if he is playing Stefan DiMera again. decided to write some fanfiction to further explore this mystery. This story picks up after our first fanfiction where Gabi encountered Stefan at the DiMera mansion but was convinced he was a fake.

Gabi wakes up on the sofa in the DiMera living room with a start. “Stefan?” she calls out nervously. Only dead silence answers her…

“I have to stop this,” she whispers to herself, leaping up and heading for the liquor cart. “Soon I’ll be as bad as Abigail.” She pours herself a drink. “It’s bad enough last week I had a nightmare about Stefan being some imposter,” she muses aloud. “And now I’ve got to deal with him actually being back but pretending to be this idiot Jake.” She tosses her head back and swallows the drink whole, slamming down the glass.

“What did that glass ever do to you?” a voice says from behind her. She turns to see Jake in the doorway. “What are you doing here?” Gabi asks pointedly. “Trying to prove my point that you really are Stefan? Or did you just come to play chess?” Jake laughs. “I don’t know anything about chess. I came here to check on your arm.” He steps toward her tentatively. “It’s technically my fault you slipped and, well, I just wanna see that you’re fully recovered.”

“My arm is just fine,” Gabi says curtly, crossing her arms. She sizes Jake up from head to toe. “You look like Stefan, and I’m pretty sure you are Stefan, but you need to get new clothes. Just because you’ve got to play this Jake person doesn’t mean you have to dress like a slob.” Jake bursts out laughing. “You are something else,” he exclaims.

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Gabi steps towards him, takes his hands and places them on her hips. She leans in, cupping his face in her hands and stares deeply into his eyes. “I know who you are,” she says slowly. “I’m going to give you hell once you confess where you’ve been. But until then, why don’t you drop the act for just a minute?” Jake tries to pull back, but he finds his arms slowly encircling her waist. “You’re crazy you know that?” He breaths, pulling her into his embrace suddenly and firmly. “Crazy for you,” Gabi says, wrapping her arms around his neck. “And you’re just as crazy for me.” Unable to resist, Jake kisses her passionately.

After a moment, Jake breaks away, and tries to untangle himself. “No, I won’t do this,” he declares firmly. Gabi is about to respond when suddenly, there is a knock at the door. “Go ahead,” Jake says, not removing his eyes from her face. “Answer it.” Gabi stares at him quizzically, then moves to the foyer and flings the door open – revealing Vivian Alamain! “Hello Gabi dear,” Vivian smirks, her eyes twinkling. And before Gabi can react, Vivian swiftly covers Gabi’s mouth with a cloth and she drops to the floor…

What do you think will happen next? Is Vivian involved with Jake? Is Jake just toying with Gabi, or is he truly Stefan? Could he be under Vivian’s spell?

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