Stacy Haiduk talks to Freddie Smith about Days of our Lives
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Days of our Lives star shares her love for LA and life.

Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) and wife Alyssa had a special guest for episode #092 of The Freddie & Alyssa Show. Days of our Lives star Stacy Haiduk (Kristen DiMera) joined their podcast from her sunny home in LA. Calling the episode one of his favorites because of Haiduk, Smith dived right into a conversation with this former co-star, and has the interview details.

One of the reasons Smith was so delighted to have Haiduk appear on the show was because he never had many opportunities to work with her. Smith expressed his desire to get to know her better because she had always been great to him anytime they were in scenes. Looking bright and upbeat in her home, Haiduk had similar sentiments, declaring she had been hoping he would invite her on the show.

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The conversation moved to Haiduk’s love of LA, in particular the sunny weather. She also lived in New York and Florida, with LA being her last move. It was here she met her husband who had been working on the show SeaQuest in the ’90s. Her daughter, now 20, is also an actress and just filmed a pilot, only to see production halted immediately after. So, both mother and daughter are in the same situation – waiting for their acting careers to resume.

Smith was curious about Haiduk’s own illustrious acting career and asked about her recurring role on Prison Break. Haiduk enjoyed the diversity of that role and discussed her love of taking on challenging roles – playing Susan Banks and Kristen DiMera being two of them. Haiduk revealed she had never watched her performances in any of her past shows, but she does watch herself on Days of our Lives. When asked by Alyssa what it was like switching between Susan and Kristen in scenes, Haiduk talked about the awkwardness of quickly taking out contacts, and removing one set of makeup to replace it with another – all very quickly with little time.

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Talk shifted to how Haiduk has been keeping busy during this period. She does a lot of yoga during the day and housecleaning. At night, Haiduk watches some TV, sharing that she prefers to watch TV in the night vs. the day because she wants to optimize her time when it is light out. She loves watching birds in the morning.

Smith asked Haiduk’s opinion on the entertainment industry and what will change as a result of its current state. An industry veteran who has been working for 35 years, Haiduk felt that much has changed in the last few years, with actors now being able to take on multiple roles and through different mediums. She didn’t speculate on future changes though and instead asked Smith what he thought might happen. Smith expressed concerns over how to manage social distancing rules on a soap opera production filled with multiple people for just one scene.

The trio then discussed how life might look after everything is back to normal. Haiduk was sad over not being able to hug people. Smith misses getting calls for possible acting jobs – he was used to having his phone ringing all the time from industry representatives. Haiduk then shared how she is coping with all the uncertainty. She turns to yoga to remind her to stay grateful and focused during this period. She also finds comfort in nature, her mountain views, and fresh air. Smith philosophized how the health issue will produce changes once it is over, everything from stronger relationships, to enhanced cleaning practices. Haiduk thinks this time will enable people to evaluate what they want to offer the world.

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The conversation winded down with Smith asking about Haiduk’s plans for the rest of the day – they included making a pizza, sipping some wine, and watching a movie with her family. Smith ended the episode by echoing Haiduk’s sentiments about how this period is a time for reflection. Both he and Alyssa complimented her energy and Haiduk declared she loves life and positivity.

Video: Freddie & Alyssa/YouTube

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