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Gabi is startled to see her beloved Stefan, who seems alive and well. is committed to keeping our readers entertained with different articles, from revisiting 80’s primetime, to exploring telenovelas, and writing fan fiction, just like this one. This time we focus on Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) who has risen from the ashes to reunite with his love Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus).

Gabi bursts into the DiMera study, stomping over to the mantelpiece. “Everyone hates me in this stupid town, even my own brother,” she declares out loud, disappointed in her visit with Rafe. Her hands clasp the necklace Stefan gave her the night he died. “Stefan,” she cries softly. “People hate me and sometimes I hate myself. But none of this would be happening if you had just stayed with me that night.”

“You’re right,” a voice says behind her. Startled, Gabi turns to see Stefan standing before her. “Stefan?” she stammers in astonishment. “How…how is this happening?” She buries her face in her hands. “This can’t be real!”

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“Yes it is, my love.” coos Stefan, stepping forward. He gently takes both her hands in his. “I’ve found my way back to you. Forgive me for leaving you that night.”

“I don’t understand,” Gabi cries. “Is it you?” In response, Stefan cusps her face in his hands and kisses her deeply. Gabi’s arms circle around him, sinking into his embrace. “Stefan,” she says in anguish, “I gave your heart away – how can this be real?” Stefan declares, “Gabi, I love you.” Tears spring to his eyes. “I’ll never let them take me away from you again.”

Gabi stares. Suddenly a furor comes over her and she runs to grab a letter opener on the desk. “You’re an imposter sent by Stefano, aren’t you?” she accuses. “Well, you can take your fake imposter self back to the hell you came from!” She waves the letter opener at Stefan. “Stay away from me!”

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Stefan smiles, unfazed. “My fiery, beautiful Gabi. I’d let you stab me on the spot if it meant one more moment with you.” He reaches out his hand, locking his eyes with hers. “Take my hand. It’s me.” Suddenly, the secret passageway door swings open…

Who do you think is there? Is Stefan an imposter orchestrated by Stefano, or is it really him?

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