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Hattie wants to help Mr. Roman get his groove back and he may finally be up for it! 

In the last Days of our Lives fanfiction piece, we saw Harold & Henderson drinking at the pub while mocking their employers. Can you imagine? The butlers for the DiMera and Kiriakis mansions are sweet and kind and not seen often enough for most viewers so we imagined what they might be like after hours. Are they only professional and quiet while at work at their employers’ requests? Do they let loose while not on the job? Their jobs can’t be easy. There have been some imperious heads of households that are sure to be very demanding and loads of secrets kept. Surely they’d need to let off some steam. With that in mind, we’re back at Brady’s pub with these two, this time on a Tuesday night. Dart night. The night is still young for Harold and Henderson – and for Roman.

Harold’s head is raised in the air. He tilts his head a little to the right. Then to the left. He closes one eye and squints. Henderson sighs loudly behind him. His shoulders sag. He gestures widely with his hands as he exclaims, “Just take the shot, Roldy!”

Roman is getting ready to close the pub. He shoots Harold and Henderson a look and points to his wristwatch. “Guys, ah it’s closin’ time.” The men look at Roman, slack-jawed. They glance at each other. “But why? Roman…Roman,” Harold pleads. Henderson slaps Harold’s back. “I know why,” he says, and starts singing, “Could have been the whiskey, might have been the gin,” Harold joins in and they howl at their own joke, as they pick up their hats and head into the night.

Roman listens to their lively rendition of The Irish Rovers’ Wasn’t That A Party as he locks the door and flips the pub’s sign to ‘closed.’ He smirks to himself and says, “You just never can tell.” Roman heads upstairs to find the door to Hattie’s room open and Hattie humming an off-key tune. Roman grins and props himself up against the doorway. He watches Hattie dance around, eyes closed, earbuds in. Hattie’s humming turns to words and she sings, Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell. She opens her eyes as she gets to the words, “With a rebel yell she cried more, more, more,” and screams. Roman raises his hands and laughs. “I come in peace.” Roman can’t help himself. There’s an innocence about her that he’s drawn to. Hattie opens her eyes and startled, yells, “Oh! Oh! Roman, Roman, you gotta hear this song.” She fumbles with her earbuds and jams one into Roman’s ear clumsily. Roman winces and grins. He knows she likes to dance and invites her downstairs.

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