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Ben Weston isn’t the first wrongly accused Salemite who faced execution.

Days of our Lives fans are left wondering what fate lies ahead for Robert Scott Wilson’s character Ben Weston who has been sentenced to death in the murder of his sister, Jordan Ridgway (Chrishell Hartley) – a crime he didn’t commit. As Ben’s execution date looms closer and closer, is remembering the time when Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) was nearly executed back in 1999.

Sami’s twisty path to execution began when she crashed Austin Reed’s (Austin Peck) wedding to sister Carrie Brady, (Christie Clark) dropping the bombshell that she was carrying his child. Sami later gave birth to son Will, but hid the fact that Will was former flame Lucas Horton’s (Bryan Dattilo) son. She convinced Austin that Will was his and eventually, they planned to wed. Things went awry when Carrie uncovered the truth about Will’s paternity and Austin promptly dumped Sami at the altar.

Sami then found herself ensnared in a bitter custody battle with Lucas for Will. Vulnerable, she befriended Franco Kelly (Victor Alfieri) and they soon became engaged. However, Franco was only using Sami to get a green card. On their wedding night, Sami discovered that Franco had cheated on her. Enraged, she publicly declared she would kill him.

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Meanwhile, Lucas’ mother Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) knew about Franco’s scheme and tried to expose him. Franco attempted to kill Kate into silence, but Lucas fatally shot him first. Sami stumbled upon her dead fiancé and blacked out from shock. Kate, seeking an opportunity to avenge the wrongs Sami had done to Lucas, wiped off the gun fingerprints and planted it in unconscious Sami’s hand. When Sami woke, she had no memory of what had happened and with the smoking gun in her hand, she was charged and convicted of murdering Franco. Like Ben, she was sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Despite this, Sami didn’t give up. After faking an anxiety attack, she was taken to a hospital where she poisoned a guard, stole his uniform and escaped in record time. She then kidnapped Will and fled to Canada (the destination of choice for Salem fugitives), with Austin, the only person who believed in her innocence. However, her dad, Roman Brady (Josh Taylor), convinced her to return. Once back in custody, the DA persuaded the judge to order her immediate execution.

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In swift order, Sami was soon escorted down the prison hall with an ominous guard who announced she was a dead woman walking. Sami was strapped to a bed, in front of the glass, crying as the lethal drugs were pumped into her system. On the other side of the glass, her mother, Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) and other members of the Brady clan watched in horror. The execution was nearly complete when suddenly, Lucas burst in and confessed to the murder. Unbeknownst to Lucas, the governor had already stopped the execution. Kate had announced that Franco’s old mob boss, Roberto Barelli (Francesco Romano) had confessed to Franco’s murder before dying in the hospital. The crisis was not over yet though, as Sami went into cardiac arrest. She was revived back at University Hospital and the DA soon dropped all the charges and Lucas recanted his confession.sami brady on death row execution days of our live

With so many parallels to Sami’s story, including happening upon the dead body of the victim, being instantly accused and then sentenced to death, we’re sure that Ben will receive a last minute reprieve. Read’s Days of our Lives spoilers for a look ahead at Ben’s fate.