maggie realizes she killed adrienne days of our lives
Credit: Image: NBC

With the truth about the accident revealed, what should happen next?

When the time jump on Days of our Lives was revealed, readers and viewers found the show’s characters in completely different situations. For starters, Adrienne Kiriakis was dead, and Will Horton was in jail. Slowly over weeks and months, we eventually learned there was an accident and Will was responsible and he received two years in prison. When the truth about the night of the accident was revealed, fans learned that Adrienne was driving Sarah, who was in the labor, to the hospital. She was forced to swerve when another car was headed straight for her. Also on the road was Will, who was texting at the time and swerved to avoid an oncoming car. There was a third car that nobody knew about. Maggie was driving drunk that night. Both Adrienne and Maggie’s cars went off the road.

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In the aftermath, the accident left Sarah trapped and pressure from the seatbelt was pressing on her child, while Adrienne eventually succumbed to her injuries. Will assumed his texting and driving led to the accident. Maggie drove into a ditch and was discovered by Xander, while he was on his way to find Sarah. Xander and Victor covered up that Maggie was there, and Maggie didn’t recall the events of the night. When Will confessed to causing the accident, Xander and Victor let him take the fall. In another related twist, Sarah’s daughter, who Xander delivered by the roadside, later died in the hospital and Xander and Victor decided to switch her child with Brady and Kristen’s daughter. Victor feared the fact that Maggie killed her own granddaughter along with Adrienne would be too much for her. In Tuesday’s Days of our Lives recap, Maggie finally remembered she killed Adrienne after confronting Xander and Victor. is wondering what the fans think should happen to Maggie now that the truth is out?