The rumors were running rampant about the possibility of James E. Reilly being let go as Days’ Head Writer. Today, speculation has come to an end, and NBC has confessed that James E. Reilly has been fired, and as Days is busy welcoming in their new Head Writer – Hogan Sheffer!

Sheffer has served as Head Writer on CBS’s As the World Turns, since 2000. At the time, Sheffer admitted to never watching a soap opera before he was hired. Some fans were a little concerned, but he was able to prove himself many times over, as he and his writing team won four Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team in 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2005.

Although Sheffer’s storytelling ability had regenerated As the World Turns, a few of the veteran cast members had complained of lessened airtime, because of the changes to the history of the show, and character motivation. Because of this knowledge, Days of Our Lives fans are already apprehensive about the future of their favorite show’s future plot.

According to NBC’s Vice President of Daytime Programming, Annamarie Kostura, “Hogan’s creative storytelling and expansive knowledge of the genre will continue to provide Days’ fans with all the great storylines they crave,”

And from Day’s executive producer, Ken Corday, “I am thrilled that Hogan Sheffer has moved to California to join forces with Days of Our Lives, Corday Productions and NBC in order to help us pursue our dream of returning [our soap] to the top,”

Sheffer will be replacing James E Reilly, who was said to have been let go after the show’s ratings fell, earlier in the year. James E. Reilly writes for another NBC show, daytime’s Passions.

Hogan Sheffer’s first credited script airs on Friday, October 6, right after James E. Reilly’s last script airs, Thursday October 5.

Sheffer brings along with him, Marguerite “Meg” Kelly from As the World Turns Kelly previously wrote for One Life to Live as well.