Carly's cold, dead eyes! *shivers* (

These are the “DAYS” of my week from September 28- October 2:

They were good days, the days of my week! Can you believe that DOOL is far superior to The Young and the Restless right now? I haven’t seen this in sometime! How proud are we? The week overall was decent but this week’s cliffhanger was the best I’ve seen in a very long time, on any soap. Kudos to cast and crew at DOOL!

Breaking it all down…

I knew that EJ was going to learn part of the truth this week and since it was slow going, getting to this point, I worried they wouldn’t be able to make the big pay off spectacular. Not in this case! This week, Nicole’s secret came out with gang busters! Though EJ still doesn’t know Sydney’s his daughter, the big pay off happened Friday. EJ had Nicole followed and learned that she had a miscarriage, but said nothing. He actually slept on it, and got together more evidence before springing it on her! The timing was perfect and before EJ could tell her he knew the truth, Nicole had Brady lie for her and tell EJ he was back on drugs. EJ knew better and kicked Brady out of his manse, before he let Nicole have it. He showed her a replica of the fake pregnancy belly she wore during her fake pregnancy and blasted her for her constant “poisonous lying.” It was incredible. James and Arianne were superb and it’s a good thing I can touch-type, because I couldn’t take my eyes off them. (I write the recap while I watch.) I also couldn’t take my eyes off Nicole’s Christmas garland she put on in lieu of a necklace. Whose idea was that? Ugh!

Though I was also weary of Meredith and her abduction of Rafe, this storyline pulled together by the week’s end. At the beginning of the week, I thought it was a nice touch with Meredith having that scrapbook about Rafe. It brought forth her hatred for him to life more than ever for me, however… I can’t deny that I wondered just how she got Rafe to her parent’s basement with no help from anybody. She’s petite and he’s around 6’2 and muscular! I had to really suspend disbelief for that one but come Friday, it didn’t really matter to me anymore. A few things that stood out are that with the return of Carly, I thought it was sort of fitting that Meredith try to brick him into a wall. It was a touch reminiscent of Vivian burying Carly alive all those years ago. Poor Rafe. Meredith kept whacking him the head with the lead pipe and all he could whisper was Sami’s name. It was fitting that Rafe admitted to Meredith that Sami’s baby is alive. What will she do with this information, if anything?