Philip takes a group selfie on Last Blast Reunion
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Days of our Lives digital series Last Blast Reunion Episode 2: The crew drinks and reminisces.

In the first Days of our Lives digital series Last Blast Reunion episode, Philip shocked Belle and Chloe by showing up to the reunion. This week, has the recap where high school memories are shared, as someone spies on the old friends.

As Chloe and Philip say hello to each other at .Com, they flash back to their high school romance, as well as them having sex while on the rebound as adults. Philip tells her he’s not sorry about what happened between them. Just because she broke his Belle shocked as Philip and Chloe talk on Last Blast Reunionheart the last time he saw her doesn’t mean he bears her ill will. Belle approaches and Philip says, “You and I are still friends too I hope.” Belle remembers her own ill-fated relationship with Philip. She looks pensive as she says, “Of course we are.” Chloe steps away to tell the others Philip is there. Belle and Philip hug as Shawn enters. He defensively walks to Belle’s side. Philip holds his hand out and says hello. Shawn ignores the gesture as the rest of the gang returns. Kevin brings a tray of glasses full of beer. As they all grab a glass, Philip & Shawn and Mimi & Chloe exchange tense looks.

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Nancy and Craig return home from a movie. Nancy says she doesn’t get superhero movies. She snuggles up to Craig as she wonders what happened to good old fashioned love stories. Craig says, “Like Philip and Chloe?” Nancy recalls their love story got off on the wrong foot and wonders how things are going at the reunion.

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Last Blast Crew toasts with beerBack at .Com, the old friends drink, take selfies, arm wrestle and reminisce. After Philip and Shawn get in digs at each other over Philip sleeping with Shawn’s wife, Shawn asks whatever happened to Jason Welles. Belle says she invited him but he didn’t respond. Kevin tells them Jason came to him for capital for a business idea. He blew up at him when Kevin turned him down. They note Jason always had anger issues. The group toasts to all their memories – the good, the bad and the ugly. As they stand and raise their glasses, someone lurks outside watching them through the window.