Philip Kiriakis enters the Last Blast Crew Reunion
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Days of our Lives digital series Last Blast Reunion Episode 1: Old friends and enemies.

Days of our Lives’ first digital series Chad & Abby in Paris wrapped up earlier this month with Chad & Abby returning to Salem. The NBC soap’s latest digital series focuses on the Last Blast Crew who went to high school together in the early 2000s and reunite in present-day New York City. has the recap of the first episode that follows Chloe Lane and Belle Black Brady running into old friend Kevin Lambert while shopping in the city. Of course, more of the Last Blast Crew and drama are not far behind.

While Christmas shopping in New York City, Belle and Chloe stop to eat at a place called .Com, reminding them of the café they used to go to as teenagers in Salem. They talk about Belle being in New York for business and spending Thanksgiving with Chloe, who was happy for the distraction so her parents Craig and Nancy wouldn’t ask too many questions about her own life. They see Kevin Lambert who is the owner of the café. As they catch up, Kevin asks the women to dinner. They’re both busy, so Kevin suggests they get the whole crew together sometime. They love it, except Chloe doesn’t want Mimi involved considering she helped Bonnie scam Lucas. Belle mentions she’s staying in town for a while and Shawn will be there the following week. Kevin thinks they can pull it off and offers to host the reunion at his café. Belle immediately sends invitations to everyone from her phone.

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The following week at Chloe’s place, Nancy and Craig tell her how beautiful she looks. Nancy asks if she’s nervous about the reunion considering how the kids used to bully her, specifically Jason Welles and “that horrible Jan Spears.” Chloe points out Jan is in a coma, which makes Nancy chuckle and say, “Thank God.” Chloe thanks her parents for watching Parker and heads out.

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Back at .Com, Chloe and Belle remark to Kevin how great the place looks. He credits them, as Susan is the first to arrive. Susan greets everyone as Mimi saunters in. Chloe and Mimi glare at each other as Mimi says hello to everyone else. Belle urges Mimi and Chloe to get along and they hug. As Kevin shows Mimi and Susan around the café, Belle wonders where Shawn is. Chloe thinks he’ll be walking through the door any minute, as the door opens. But it’s not Shawn who walks through, but Philip Kiriakis. Belle’s face goes from shock to something more appreciative as she looks him up and down, while Chloe doesn’t look as happy.