Jen Lilley Hallmarks Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday Days of our Lives
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Days of our Lives alum’s film surrounds a book editor, a sad writer and a Christmas miracle.

Days of our Lives alum Jen Lilley, who played Theresa Donovan from 2013 – 2018, will be appearing in a new movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries network entitled, Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday. received an in-depth peek at the special and can reveal that Lilley takes on the role of Chloe, an editor at Printed Press in Angel Falls, who bears a grudge against Ryan, the editor of Pages Publishing in New York, who took her dream job after college. When Ryan (Carlo Marks, Chesapeake Shores, Smallville) returns to Angel Falls to settle his parents’ estate, he and Chloe run into one another at a tree-lighting ceremony and feel the undertones of an attraction. However, the next morning, Ryan arrives to see Chloe’s parents at the printing house and agrees to come on as a special consultant. Chloe is upset, and heads for the local bookshop to vent to the owner, Ashley (Laura Miyata, Impulse). As they talk, an ‘angelic’ man, new to town, walks the aisles. Anthony (Eric Close; Sawyer Walker, Santa Barbara) leaves a romance novel by author Tina Finnegan jutting from the shelf, and Chloe notices it. Chloe finds Anthony working as the new receptionist at Printed Press the following morning, who hands her a bestseller list with Memories of Christmas, the novel from the bookstore, at the top. Soon after, Ryan arrives and relays that the author, Tina Finnegan (Rachel Crawford, The Firm), has rented his parents’ house in town.

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Chloe is keen to sign Tina, so Ryan offers to introduce them at a wreath-making event. They have a great time, but Tina mysteriously reveals she’s written her last novel and leaves. Later, Tina and Chloe end up baking Christmas cookies together and get to talking, when Tina admits that the heroes in her romance novels are modeled after her late husband, who was from Angel Falls. Ryan and Chloe show up at Tina’s home with ornaments provided by Anthony to cheer her up with some decorating. Returning to his parents’ home has Ryan recalling memories and he divulges to Chloe the real reason he took the consulting job, after which she sees him in a new light. However, Chloe is discouraged when she overhears both Ryan and Tina talking about leaving Angel Falls, as well as Tina admitting that the memories of her husband are too much. Luckily, there’s an angel in town helping people to avoid mistakes and guiding them toward their destined home.

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Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday premieres on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries as part of the ‘Miracles of Christmas’ holiday event on Sunday December 15 at 9:00 PM EST. Check your local listings so as not to miss!