SNL's Days of our Impeachment
Credit: Image: NBC

Saturday Night Live borrows from soap operas to send up the impeachment hearings.

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live’s cold open borrowed from daytime to poke fun at the impeachment hearings which are pre-empting soap operas. Addressing those who commented the hearings were on the dull side, they reimagined the trial, dubbed Days of our Impeachment, with a soapy spin. Cecily Strong portrayed Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, Kate McKinnon was Rudi Giuliani, Melissa Villaseñor, Alexandria Oscaio-Cortez, and guest star Jon Hamm (Mad Men) popped up as Ambassador Bill Taylor. Heidi Gardner underscored the dramatics of the hearings as a woman who continued to faint over the shocking revelations. They even randomly threw in some football at the end of the skit when Kenan Thompson showed up as Cleveland Browns’ Myles Garrett to reference his recent on-field scandal involving Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph. thought they missed an opportunity to use actual Days of our Lives stars, but what did you think of the sketch?

Video: Saturday Night Live/YouTube