Days of our Lives actress explains how to save the show.

When a TMZ reporter caught up with Days of our Lives’ Chrishell Hartley (Jordan Ridgeway) to ask her about the recent news that Days will soon go on hiatus, Hartley advised Days of our Lives fans to tune in to the show as it’s the best way to ensure it continues and stressed that the situation is not as dire as it sounds. While Jordan Ridgeway was killed in Salem and Hartley has left, when asked whether actors might find other employment while the show takes its prolonged break, the actress remarked, “They should go out and try to get other jobs. It’s kind of the nature of the business…you’ve got to roll with the punches.”

Watch to hear Hartley joke that General Hospital and Young and Restless should call her, then read Days of our Lives spoilers to find out what’s coming up surrounding Jordan’s death on the NBC soap opera.

Video: TMZ