Deconstructing Chad & Abby in Paris Chapter 2
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

An improved chapter focused more on Chad & Abby together rather than apart. posted the Days of our Lives digital series chapter 2 finale of Chad & Abby in Paris, which ended with Chad getting reinstated at DiMera, but a call from JJ sent the couple back to Salem. Here are some thoughts on the improved chapter and what happens next.

Chabby as a united front

Soap operas often forget that couples can be interesting as a unit and that viewers want to watch them face obstacles together instead of being constantly pulled apart. Thankfully, Chad & Abby in Paris focused on the DiMeras as a pair in chapter 2 rather than separate them into their own storylines as they did in chapter 1. I was a little worried when Juliette pulled the classic soap move of drugging Chad to make him and Abby think they slept together, but it was all for naught. It was refreshing to watch them (well, Abby anyway) immediately figure things out instead of blindly believing Chad would cheat. Especially considering they’re no strangers to this kind of sabotage. Soap operas also forget women want to watch strong women, which they ramped up in this chapter as well. Feisty Abby is way more interesting to watch than damsel-in-distress Abby. Watching her mark her territory with Juliette was satisfying.

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Chad’s questionable behavior

While Abby was much stronger this chapter, Chad poo-pooing her desire to go back to work was irritating. The disappointed look on her face when he said he’d take care of things so she didn’t need to get a job spoke volumes. I’m unclear on this development unless this will turn out to be a point of contention when Chad and Abby return to Days of our Lives beginning November 11. Chad also couldn’t have been more gullible this season. Going to Juliette’s room, not immediately wondering if he was drugged, and promoting Sylvie who was attached at Juliette’s hip the whole season. How is he running an international conglomerate? It will be interesting to see what’s in store for them once they’re back in Salem. I just hope Chad isn’t such a doofus.

Li Shin to Salem?

I can’t believe that was it for Li Shin. What a waste of a very attractive new character. Maybe he’ll show up in future digital series episodes. Or since he’s connected to an established character (even if Mr. Shin doesn’t show up all that often) who is involved with the DiMeras, Li could pop up in Salem. It would be a seamless transition as he comes to Salem on business. I’m sure Days of our Lives can find a single woman who wouldn’t mind welcoming him to Salem. Kate’s currently free and could show him the ropes (wink, wink). Or maybe he’s into men. Per the Days of our Lives spoilers, Sonny meets someone named Evan. Should this Evan person come between WilSon, Li could be there to pick up some pieces. Or Li could disrupt the happy but in a rut couple himself. Dare I hope they bring Paul back to make things even more interesting? Juliette, on the other hand, can stay in Paris. Salem does not need any more characters drugging people into their beds. Though I do wonder who she was initially working with to destroy Chad and Abby. It seemed like a juicy reveal waiting to happen, but never did.

These are just my thoughts. What did you think of Chad & Abby in Paris chapter 2? Tell us below.