Princess gina days of our lives
Credit: Image: John Paschal/JPI

A history of Princess Gina Von Amberg and her daughter Greta Von Amberg.

From 1998 to 2001 watched Kristian Alfonso play the role of Princess Gina Von Amberg who was married to Prince Philip Von Amberg. After Philip’s passing, Gina gave birth to a daughter, Greta (Jamie Taylor, Julianne Morris). Gina was an artist, a thief and art forger who was exploited by Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo) in order to steal priceless works of art. Gina had met and fallen for John Black/Forrest Alamain (Drake Hogestyn) as they worked together since John was Stefano’s pawn. When Gina learned that John Black was dead, she fell into a depression and stopped painting and stealing for Stefano. Stefano kept the fact that John Black was really alive from Gina and locked her up in the turret room at her home, the Chateau de Reves, in the countryside outside of Paris.


Back in Salem, Stefano brainwashed Gina’s younger look-alike, Hope Brady, into thinking she was Gina so that she could continue stealing for him. During this time, Gina and John spent time together and after Hope wasn’t needed anymore, Stefano released her with no memory of what she had done. Meanwhile, Hope’s family and friends thought she had died in the Cruise of Deception, but it was really Gina’s daughter Greta who was on the Cruise of Deception, who was very much alive yet scarred and living in a New Orleans swamp outside of Maison Blanche.

Back in Europe, Gina was ready to leave the castle. Her manservant, Kurt Schwengel (Matthew Mahaney) helped her kidnap Hope and hold her prisoner in the castle with Stefano while Gina had plastic surgery to make herself look younger and identical to Hope Brady and returned to Salem as Hope to find Greta. When Gina returned to Salem, everyone thought she was Hope. Gina found John Black was alive but soon realized that John Black was in love with Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) and would never leave the psychiatrist for her, so she turned her attention to Bo Brady. Bo thought Gina was Hope and the couple married. After the wedding, “Hope” tried to shoot Marlena and instead shot Shawn Douglas by accident and was herself, shot. An old society friend, Lili Faversham (Millicent Martin), noticed a scar on “Hope’s” body that was the bane of Gina’s existence and realized that Hope was really Gina. The search for the real Hope began and led them to Paris where, with the ISA’s help, John found and rescued the real Hope and Stefano from the castle.

Gina’s daughter Greta

Princess Greta Von Amberg (Julianne Morris) was found in the swamp by Bo Brady outside of Maison Blanche and promptly nicknamed Swamp Girl. Greta was scarred and it was revealed that it was she who Salemites had seen die on the Cruise of Deception years ago, not Hope Brady. Greta developed feelings for Bo but nothing came of that. She fell for Eric Brady (Jensen Ackles) but he cheated on her with Nicole Walker Roberts (Arianne Zucker) so Greta’s interest turned to Austin Reed (Austin Peck). Once she learned that her mother was dead, Greta was to take her place as Princess. As next in line for the crown, Greta had to go through ‘The Garden of Eden’ along with Austin, which was a series of tasks – trials to complete before she claimed her title. She faced her enemies such as Sami (Alison Sweeney), Gina, Curtis Reed (Nick Benedict) and Satan. When things didn’t turn out with Austin, she became friendly with Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) and though she was interested in Jack, he tried to let her down gently. Since she had no other ties to Salem, she left town.

Rosemary’s Baby spoof

Princess Gina Von Amberg returned to Salem previously in Hattie’s nightmare which spoofed Rosemary’s Baby on October 31, 2018. Hope was at the park when Dr. Rolf rushed her and activated the satellite from his watch, thus turning Hope into the princess.


Princess Gina returned to Salem on March 18, 2019, when Dr. Marlena Evans died and went to purgatory. Gina, along with Tony DiMera (who was thought to have been dead) showed Marlena what would happen to Salemites in the future if she wasn’t around.

Gina’s back – for real

Princess Gina returned once more when Dr. Rolf performed a procedure on Hope Brady’s neck that caused pain and confusion for Hope, in addition to blackouts. Hope, as Gina, snuck into the DiMera mansion and stole Stefano DiMera’s portrait and dragged it through the tunnels into a warehouse where she stared at it for a time.