Days of our Lives time jump rumors
Credit: Image: Days

The twist never-before-seen in daytime drama.

While got the exclusive dish on Days of our Lives time jump near the end of September, there were no actual spoilers declared by Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) and Drake Hogestyn (John Black). The time jump kicks off “Around Thanksgiving and features a big reveal at New Year’s Eve.” As the audience waits to see it play out on air, let’s take a look at the rumors floating around and spoilers we know to be true from the Days spoiler video and time jump teasers.

Lani and Eli get married

Or do they? The spoiler video shows them standing at the altar with Marlena officiating, but many a wedding has started out that way only to later see someone object. That could be the case considering the easy-to-believe-rumor that Gabi will work hard to separate Eli and Lani and then date Eli to avenge Stefan’s death. Gabi’s dated Eli before and she started out with Stefan during a revenge plan, plus, you know how Days of our Lives likes to recycle their stories. It’s not too much of a leap to assume this will happen.

Jordan breaks Claire out of Bayview

Considering the fall promo shows Jordan visiting Claire dressed up like she’s trick-or-treating as a sexy nurse, saying, “Let’s go cause some mischief,” this rumor is pretty likely to be true.

Hope is turned into Princess Gina spoilers previewed this twist and Hope is seen as her old alter ego in the fall spoiler video, so expect to see this one happen. It begins when John and Marlena start to worry about Hope not acting herself. They’re proved right when Hope turns back into Princess Gina. It looks as though Dr. Rolf triggers it by injecting Hope with that syringe in the October 9 episode.

Rafe and Jordan get together

The preview does show Jordan kissing Rafe in her sexy nurse getup, but that doesn’t confirm their couplehood. However, Rafe has been housing and defending her, he’s been alone for a while, they have a past and he is super unlucky in love. It makes sense he’d fall for his seemingly less than sane ex again.

Kate and Gabi join forces against Kayla

Kate isn’t happy that Kayla tried to give her heart to Julie while she was still alive and Gabi is lashing out at Kayla for Stefan’s death knowing she held a grudge against him. Plus, the women have plotted together before. This one is not too much of a stretch to believe.

Sarah and Eric will become a couple

They are having a baby together, but Eric is happily reunited with the love of his life, Nicole, and Sarah is leaning on Xander, who kisses her in the spoiler video. In addition, it’s rumored Sarah and Xander end up in bed again. We’re still not sure what that hilarious wig on Xander is about, but Eric’s guilt over the baby could eventually bring Sarah and Eric back together. However, it’s also speculated that Kristen will finally succeed in stealing Sarah’s baby to pass off as her own. If this rumor is true we can only assume that means she loses her and Brady’s baby.

Will and Ben wind up in jail

We don’t know why this would happen, possibly Victor double crosses Ben who asked him to get his sister out of the way in order to protect Ciara. Or not. It’s intriguing that Will would be locked up with his attempted murderer.

Gabi is pregnant with Stefan’s baby

Speaking of babies, it’s believed that Gabi will discover she’s pregnant with Stefan’s baby. As for her firstborn, we’re hearing Arianna gets SORASed (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome). Both events are classic soap tropes, especially pregnancy after the death of a husband, but is Stefan really dead? Looks that way, but that doesn’t mean he won’t have a long lost twin that Brandon Barash is rumored to return as. Or that this Stefan was an imposter and the real Stefan is still out there. Or that Rolf was somehow involved.

Patch and Kayla divorce

This rumor gained some traction after Mary Beth Evans posted that suspicious photo of her character’s name badge identifying her as Dr. Kayla Brady instead of Dr. Kayla Johnson. We hate to see Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla break up, but she did work with Stefan behind his back which landed him in jail and he’s been keeping his distance since his release. It’s not too far fetched to assume they won’t work things out when Steve johnson returns this fall. Besides, there’s also that rumor that Steve and Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) will get involved as well as Kayla and Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth). We hate to see Kayla and Steve break up, but those new pairings do have possibilities. Especially since Mary Beth Evans and Wally Kurth coupled up for a time as Katherine Bell and Ned Ashton on General Hospital. But where does that leave Justin’s wife Adrienne Kiriakis (Judi Evans)? Rumor is she dies, but we’re taking this with a grain of salt.

Chad and Abigail break up

Considering Abigail keeps telling her husband on Chad & Abby in Paris that Abigail doesn’t want to return to Salem and Billy Flynn is on contract while Kate Mansi is back on a recurring basis, it’s not a total stretch to assume they end things, especially with Juliette (Rachele Schank) out to split them up. Possibly they will at least take a break while Chad stays in town and Abigail stays in Paris. This could be plausible since they’ve been happy for five minutes and usually that spells disaster for a soap opera couple.