Chad holds Abby in Paris
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

More drama for Days of our Lives couple Chad & Abby DiMera. has just received word that Chad & Abby in Paris from the Days digital companion series is already back for a second chapter. Thursday September 19 will launch more episodes of the DiMera’s saga in Paris on the DOOL App and we’ll be providing coverage such as teaser clips and recaps.

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The second chapter of Chad & Abby in Paris will introduce two new characters as well as bring another visitor from Salem to France, who will shake things up even more for the married couple. While the Salemite remains a secret, the new characters include Sylvie played by Shawna Della-Ricca and Li Shin played by Remington Hoffman. If the latter character’s last name sounds familiar it’s because he is the son of Mr. Shin who often pops up in Salem on DiMera business.

The first chapter of Chad & Abby in Paris ended on workaholic Chad (Billy Flynn) turning down Juliet’s (Rachele Schank) advances while on a work trip, as Abby (Kate Mansi) pulled away from Austin’s (Austin Peck) kiss and sent him packing. It was also revealed that Juliet was working with someone to break up the happy couple, while a surprise visitor knocked on their door. In the first video clip below, it looks like the second chapter picks up with Chad and Abby enjoying some romance at home while suspense builds as someone takes an elevator ride to their apartment. The second preview clip reveals an agitated Chad telling Abby “he’s going to say no,” which we can only presume is directed to their surprise guest. Finally, the third clip shows Abby telling Chad they have to talk about Austin.

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Who do you think their surprise guest from Salem is? Are you excited about the second chapter? Watch the clips and tell us below!