kate almost dies days of our lives
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Very few stay dead in Salem but there are more who have escaped death more times than we can count.

Over the years Soaps.com has watched as Days of our Lives, killed off more characters than any other soap opera. We’ve also seen Days bring more characters back to life than any other soap. Kate Roberts DiMera (Lauren Koslow), on the other hand, is just one character of many who over the years has had a few brushes with death. But as Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth-Hayes) recently told Lucas Roberts (Bryan Dattilo) said: “It’d take more than a bullet to stop Kate.”

Vivian assisted plane crash

Flashback to April 24, 1995. Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) wanted victor and vivian 90s days of our livesKate Roberts dead so she could have Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) to herself. Vivian sent Kate on a flight overseas for business after she sabotaged the plane, and poisoned the pilot, ensuring that the plane would crash over the ocean and do away with the woman she despised the most. Her due diligence paid off and the flight went down and all of Salem presumed Kate had perished until an entire year later when Kate returned to Salem and shocked everyone – especially her arch-nemesis.

Lung cancer

Having never smoked, Kate Roberts contracted a chronic cough in kate lung cancer days of our livesNovember 2008 and after Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) ran some tests, he diagnosed her with stage 4 lung cancer. Dr. Jonas recommended that they treat the cancer aggressively. Kate needed a bone marrow transplant. Shockingly, Kate received a bone marrow transplant from the women she despised almost as much as Sami Brady (before they became BFFs) – Chloe Lane.

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Jordan drugs Kate

Kate began to realize that Jordan Ridgeway (Chrishell Hartley) was behind Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and Abigail DiMera’s (Marci Miller) daughter, Charlotte DiMera’s (Matilda Hanna and Chloe Teperman) disappearance when Kate saw jordan drugs katediaper cream fall out of a bag of groceries Jordan was carrying. At the time, it was also common knowledge that she had no children and when Kate noticed her acting suspiciously, she outright accused Jordan of kidnapping the tyke. While Kate was dialing the cops, Jordan injected her with a drug to make her woozy and she walk-dragged her to her room at Salem Inn and gave her a final shot. Kate would have died if it wasn’t for Rafe who found her unconscious on the floor in her room and called 911.

Vivian shoots Kate

Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) returned from the dead thanks to kate buried days of our lives Dr. Wilhelm Rolf September 2, 2019 recast by Robin Strasser. By September 6, she shot Kate with her beloved gun, “Belinda,” in the DiMera garden and buried her. Kate later crawled out of that grave later like a zombie from a Halloween episode and hauled herself to the hospital. Will Horton (Chandler Massey) knew his grandma was strong but told her that was “off the charts impressive.” Kate was on the road to recovery September 16 when Vivian donned scrubs and snuck into Kate’s room and squeezed the tubes that were helping Kate to breathe, trying to finish the job while admitting that kate alive days of our livesshe’d miss sparring with her nemesis. Kate slipped into a coma and Lucas was forced to decide whether or not to keep his mother on life support. In the end, Lucas chose to donate her heart to Julie Williams but just before Kate was wheeled into surgery, Dr. Rolf (William Utay) paid Kate a visit and minutes later, Kate woke up from her coma, which could mean that try as one might, like it or not, Kate Roberts just can’t be killed.