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What’s next for Chabby and the Days digital companion series?

Chad & Abby in Paris aired its season one finale on Thursday September 5 on the DOOL App. The creation of a companion series is a great way to further explore individual Days of our Lives characters’ stories, especially for those who have been off canvas for a while. Such was the case with season one, as we got to see a little bit of Chad and Abigail’s life in Paris before the DiMeras return to Salem this fall. While I love the concept, we had some thoughts on season one’s storyline.

The six – ten minute episodes gave fans of Chad and Abby some extra love of the characters, which considering the title of the series, hinted at the recent marrieds living happily in Paris. Oddly, that was not the case. While there were some cute moments between the DiMeras, the season took a hard turn when Austin Reed showed up on their doorstep out of nowhere with an interest in Abby. Considering Chad was immediately established to be a workaholic, his story then veered to the office where scheming newbie Juliette was waiting to seduce him.

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The addition of Juliette as a new character was not the issue – the unexpected focus on Chad and Abby separately instead of as a united front was. Austin’s sudden interest in Abby was odd, considering she once made him think they had sex in order to ruin his marriage to Carrie Brady. I really thought Austin was using his failed marriage as his in with the couple while he investigated DiMera business as a forensic accountant. Instead, just about every episode was spent on testing the DiMera marriage. Did we really need that again right after Stefan, Gabi and Gabby tore them apart back in Salem? As to be expected neither one cheated and they ended the season happily at home together, but it took too long to get there. But just when I thought the story arc was completely pointless, Juliette revealed she was working with someone to break up the DiMeras, who received a shocking visitor at home.

That great cliffhanger has me excited to find out who Juliette is working for and why, and who came a knocking. Presummably, we’ll get those answers when Chabby returns to Salem. In the meantime, I can’t help but think of all the other enhanced stories the app could feature. There are countless characters who regularly come and go and the digital series could fill in a lot of blanks. What’s Lucas been up to? What was Nicole doing when everyone thought she was dead? What’s the state of Sami and EJ’s marriage? How is Claire’s treatment going? Not to mention, they could delve further into the lives of minor characters like Mr. Shin or Melinda Trask or finally let poor Dr. Shah go on a date with someone who won’t immediately reunite with their ex.

As we wait to find out where all this will go, what did you think of Chad & Abby in Paris? How about the digital companion series as a whole? Share your thoughts below!

All eight episodes of Chad & Abby in Paris are available to binge on the DOOL App. The episodes also air on the NBC website a week after being released on the app.