Chad & Abby watch Austin eat their croissant in Paris
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Abby suggests she and Austin get lost in Paris together.

In last week’s Days of our Lives digital companion series Chad & Abby in Paris, Abby invited Austin to stay the night much to Chad’s disdain. has the recap of the latest episode that picks up the following morning where Austin continues to get under Chad’s skin.

Photos: Days of our Lives' Digital Series Chad & Abby in ParisAbby sets out croissants at home. She tells Chad they’re from his favorite bakery. Austin joins them in nothing but a towel fresh out of the shower. He helps himself to the only chocolate pastry. Chad stares Austin down and then passionately kisses his wife. He tells Abby he’ll make a dinner reservation for them for that night. Before Chad leaves, Austin promises to be gone by the time he gets back from work.

At the office, Chad and Juliette talk about their deal with Shin, confirming London is on board. Chad then vents about Austin eating his dinner and then his breakfast after Abby asked him to stay the night. Juliette asks, “Are you sure this man’s appetite for what’s yours is limited to food?” She thinks Abby sounds very accommodating to Austin’s needs and wonders if Abby and Austin have a thing. Chad stammers that whatever was between them was long ago. Besides, he and Abby have a romantic dinner planned for that night. He looks less than confident as he leaves. Juliette smirks and makes a call. She tells whoever is on the other end of the phone to create a problem with the London end of the deal when there previously wasn’t one.

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Abby adamantly explaining to Austin on Chad & Abby in ParisBack at home, Abby asks Austin what his plans are for the day. He says he’s not ready to go back to Zurich because he doesn’t want to see Carrie. He’s going to get lost in Paris for a while. She talks up an incredible museum and offers to take him. “Let’s get lost in Paris together,” she suggests.