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Former Days of our Lives star Shawn Christian Talks Hallmark and Missing Days.

Shawn Christian portrayed Dr. Daniel Jonas on Days of our Lives from March 4, 2008, to January 6, 2016, when his character was killed off by his best friend, Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) who was drinking and driving. Since, Christian dove into roles such as Famous in Love, Seen in Idaho, and The Rookie. Most recently, kept our readers up-to-date with word that the actor would next be seen in Love in the Sun along with Emeraude Toubia (Shadowhunters), a Hallmark summer movie that will air during their Countdown to Summer event on May 27 at 9:00 PM. We recently spoke with Christian about his new role, Dr. Jonas, working with his daughter on the Ruby Herring Mystery series, and celebrating Mother’s day. Tell us a little about Love in the Sun and a little about your role.

Shawn Christian:Love in the Sun is a story I wrote where a young lady (my daughter) arrives to tell me she believes she found her future husband on her own dating app. shawn christian hallmark filmHowever, when she arrives at his small island Inn she discovers real love is found through personal connection, not a digital algorithm. She also rediscovers a love she once shared with her childhood sweetheart. My role as her widowed father was a wonderful opportunity to create endearing father/daughter moments that reflect the hurdles in finding love again with the help of your children.” You filmed this on location in Pinellas County, Florida. What was filming like and what did you do when you weren’t on set – for fun?

Shawn Christian: “The Floridians welcomed us with open arms. The community of St. Petersburg, Safety Harbor, Treasure Island, and the whole Tampa area were not only excited that we were there, but many got a chance to participate in helping us on both sides of the camera. I actually ran into a wonderful lady who designs Hallmark cards while living in Florida! When I wasn’t on set filming I was exploring the beaches, local restaurants, rooftop lounges, and happened to stumble upon an amazing luxury auto show right along the waterfront in St. Petes. In fact, I had the good fortune to come across many fans who were surprised to see “Dr. Jonas” alive and well.”

More: Arianne Zucker previews Days return Speaking of the good doctor, you’ve been gone as Dr. Daniel Jonas on Days of our Lives since 2016. Would you ever return if asked or would you work on another soap opera? How does it compare working on Lifetime and Hallmark movies – are you more interested in the freedom the latter provides?

Shawn Christian: “I’m always open to creative opportunities to tell stories in any shape or form. I certainly keep a special place open in my heart for working on Days or any other soap should an offer come my way. I always consider where my life is in that moment and make hallmark shawn christiandecisions from there. This genre has been so good to me that I’ve always considered it an honor to create with some of the hardest working people in show business. I really appreciate the freedom of traveling and the joy of meeting new people while filming on location for TV and films. But with the amount of energy I have, the kinetic pace and deep sense of family that daytime provides is something I miss dearly.” Tell us a little about what it’s been like working with your daughter, Taylor, on the Ruby Herring mysteries.

Shawn Christian: “I love and adore Taylor. Working with her from Summerland to Ruby Herring has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. To have watched her grow as a young lady and an actress in a business that is riddled with fallen starlets, I am proud to see she has kept her feet firmly planted on the ground. She possesses the same generosity, loyalty and loving spirit she had as a young girl, and to work with her now on Ruby Herring fills me with a joy that is immeasurable. I’m looking forward to sharing with audiences a Hallmark series that is truly a reflection of family love for years to come.” Mother’s Day just passed. Can you tell us about how you spent the day?

Shawn Christian: “I wasn’t with her on Mothers Day, but while I was filming Love in the Sun in Florida, she happened to be down there an hour away from set. So, of course, I drove down to see her on my day off. In addition to seeing my mom, I got to see my brother and his family who came down there for Spring Break! Being from Michigan, this was a pretty unique special occasion for all of us to get together down in Florida. Seeing my mother glowing while spending time with her two sons was an unforgettable Mothers Day gift.”