Arianne Zucker from Days of our Lives
Credit: Image: Mark Davis/Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment

Days of our Lives actress is back for the long haul.

Arianne Zucker made the decision to leave Days of our Lives and the role of Nicole Walker in 2017. However she made a brief return in October 2018 to wrap up the story of Nicole, but that wasn’t the end. has reported Zucker will reprise the role of Nicole Walker again beginning April 25. The actress recently spoke with Soap Opera Digest about what brought her back to Salem. She spoke to executive producer Ken Corday in September 2018 about coming back given the storyline with Eric (Greg Vaughan)  and Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) was heating up. “It’s hard to say no to Ken sometimes! I’m always reading messages from fans on Twitter and Instagram and they’re very sweet and amazing. I think that’s a big drive, too.”

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At the end of her last return, Nicole was presumed dead in a fire after handing her daughter Holly off to Eric to raise. Nicole’s return will definitely shake up Eric and Sarah’s lives and relationship. Of her costars, she joked about Vaughan, “He’ so easy to work with. He’s really terrible to look at [laughs]. He always gives so much, the emotions, just in his eyes.” This is her first time working with Godfrey but noted, “She’s very sweet, just a lovely person. Talk about a breath of fresh air when you are on the set.” However, her first scenes back are with her real-life ex-husband Kyle Lowder (Rex Brady). “We have such a good friendship outside of work. Working together, you feel kind of spoiled in a way, because it’s so comfortable coming back to work. Talk about family! It’s great.”

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Zucker’s return this time is for an extended period, not just a short visit like her last appearance. “When I look at the big picture of what it means, it’s way easier to have this nice, long story so the fans are getting more invested. There’s so much that needs to be said and told and written. It’s fulfilling to try to find new things to do with my character because when you are here for such a long time, you want to make sure you’re at least keeping the audience excited so they don’t drop off.” Nicole returns with the trauma of surviving her brush with death. “Having to heal from that, she’s in a different place. Not that the character wasn’t vulnerable before, but now there’s these vulnerable aspects to her that are different. It’s been a pleasant challenge. I think people will be really interested in the discovery of what happened to her and what went on and how she got back to Salem.”