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Dishing on both his Christmas film and what’s coming this summer with Rex Brady.

Kyle Lowder loves playing the character of Rex Brady on Days of our Lives because “he’s not an easy guy to play.” However, the actor is about to take on a new challenge that will make you see his artistic talents in an entirely different way with A Mermaid for Christmas. The film, currently in pre-production, features a host of familiar faces to soaps audiences, including Lowder, Jessica Morris (Jennifer Rappaport, One Life to Live), Arianne Zucker (Nicole Walker, Days of our Lives) and Kathleen Gati (Liesl Obrecht, General Hospital). Lowder will also be executive producing the film alongside production partners, Winterthorne creator, Michael Caruso and Barbara Caruso. The trio has successfully worked together on two seasons of the Daytime Emmy-nominated movies, Ladies of the Lake, on Amazon Prime Video. spoke to Lowder recently to get the inside scoop before A Mermaid for Christmas begins filming. He shared some insight into what viewers can expect from the storyline.

“It’s a very whimsical, fantastical, heartfelt film in terms of its energy. Michael Caruso, the creator, writer and executive producer, found an incredible way of making the story very, very deep,” he explained. “She is a mermaid from circumstances that I can’t reveal, but her whole existence is to become a human again. She has to break that curse, but there’s a very specific way she has to do that. My character, Travis, is going through something at the time and the plot centers around them helping each other out. The love story develops through that and it all comes together in a very Christmas miracle way.”

Lowder is grateful for having the opportunity to play Travis Hunter in A Mermaid for Christmas because it is unlike any other character he’s ever tackled. He’s excited to showcase another side to his abilities as an actor.

“I’ve never played a character that’s like this before. In my career, Kyle Lowder Mermaid for Christmas Days of our LivesI’ve played characters that are the leading man or a stud or a sex symbol. This is a guy, who is just filled with love for his family and his friends. He’s just a guy who wants to do good by everybody and puts himself aside in order to focus on others,” Lowder shared. “Michael [Caruso] said to me, ‘I’m looking forward to seeing you play this role because I think people are going to finally see who Kyle is.’ Even though I’m playing a character, it is an opportunity for me [to break down] some preconceived notions about who I am as an actor. At the end of the day, I’m more of a dork.”

Lowder is also thrilled to team up with the Caruso’s again because it’s been such a successful partnership. He went to Syracuse University with Michael Caruso, so there is a long friendship and history between them. Lowder explained why their trio works so well together when it comes to their business and artistic endeavors.

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“Michael definitely is a huge creative. Barbie is the glue that holds it all together, she’s a wiz in terms of production,” he said. “All of us bring such unique talents, skills and personality traits that we fill in each other’s blanks. There’s a great synergy that we all have together.”

While Ladies of the Lake has had a successful run on Amazon Prime Video, the team is weighing their options when it comes to distribution for A Mermaid for Christmas.

“We have a lot of interest in terms of distribution options. We’re very fortunate that we have options on the table in terms of the best way people can see this,” said Lowder. “We just want to make sure that we explore all of those options before we single one out.”

No matter which platform they decide to go with, Lowder is thrilled that this is a family film. He’s had to choose what scenes his daughter, Isabella, can watch on Days of our Lives, but A Mermaid for Christmas is for everyone.

“We wanted this to be a whole family thing because it’s a holiday film,” Lowder happily shared. “Our goal is that over the holiday season, when people are off work and families and friends are together, that it’s an option the whole family can enjoy.”

While Lowder is thrilled to do a family film, he’s always happy to jump into the role of Rex Brady. It’s something he relishes playing even when Rex is at his worst.

“He’s just such a hot mess — dumpster fire,” he laughed. “God bless [Days of our Lives head writer] Ron [Carlivati] because he’s created a very challenging character to play, but I’m grateful for it. How do you make this guy watchable and likable? When your character does things where his actions are not pleasing, you have to go all in with it because otherwise, it’s just bad acting. How do you find that sweet spot where people just love to hate me? There’s a lot of moving parts with him.”

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Lowder has tried to find a thread of humanity in Rex throughout his entire storyline.

“When I came back and started playing Rex, I thought… he cheats on Sarah and that sucks, but they’re going to rectify this. A month went by and then I read a script where he slept with Sarah’s sister and I thought… OK, it’s getting tough,” he said. “I think it’s important for me to say that I understand he does some things that are not easy to watch. It’s not easy to like him. I do love it because I think anybody loves the challenge. I do enjoy that.”

There have been rumors swirling that Lowder is leaving Days of our Lives, but the actor kept his lips sealed on that topic. He instead stirred the pot about the storyline viewers will see with Rex this summer.

“We have some scenes that are going to be coming up throughout the summer. I had the opportunity to rectify him a little bit, which is really good.” Lowder teased. “I think we’re going to see all the pieces to Rex’s puzzle. I’m looking forward to the viewers and fans seeing this because I think it’ll help how his character is perceived.”