Robert Scott Wilson as Ben on Days of our Lives
Credit: Image: Chris Haston/NBC Universal Inc

Days of our Lives villain turned romantic leading man.

Many readers have found themselves shipping Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) and Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) on Days of our Lives. Others refuse to root for them given Ben’s history as the Necktie Killer. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Wilson understands some viewers dislike of Ben. “I get it, man, Ben’s done some terrible shit. He’s a multiple murderer. He was on a streak of terror that made me bristle.” However, he admits, “The group of people that are the naysayers, the ones who won’t buy redeeming a serial killer, is getting smaller and smaller.” The huge fan base that supports Ben and Ciara has been a driving force behind the reinvention of Ben. “Ben’s a loner… this antihero. My favorite characters ever are the antiheroes; these unconventional guys who do good things but are bad dudes.” He points to iconic characters such as Don Draper from Mad Men and Tony Soprano of The Sopranos as some of his favorites.

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On his first go-round on Days of our Lives, Wilson saw Ben transform from a boring good guy into a maniac killer. The shift allowed the actor to show his range, but also knew it could be the end of his role on the soap opera. “Obviously, I thought it could be the door shutting on the story of Ben. I could either look at it as that, or me being given the chance to add as much color to the story as I could. So I was like, ‘If you’re going to shut the door, you’re never going to forget who you closed it on.'” And while Ben was taken off to a mental institution, the show was trying to figure out a storyline to bring his character back. By January of 2018, the actor was gearing up to land roles for the upcoming pilot season when Days of our Lives approached him with a new contract and chance to play Ben again. “I love Ben and felt like there was so much more I wanted to tell and explore about him.” In March 2018 he signed a new contract.

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In bringing the reformed Ben back to Salem the actor stated, “No matter what, I was never going to let this guy be vanilla. I always want to keep Ben a little threatening. It adds another layer.” He feels Ben’s traumatic childhood also helps the audience see him as something more than just a killer. He recalls learning he was going to be paired romantically with Ciara, and laughed because the last time he was in Salem she was just a little girl and he had no scenes with her. Wilson remembers shooting his first scenes with Konefal. “It was just her and me shooting. We didn’t know anything about each other. I noticed things about her right away and thought she was really talented. We didn’t try to force a romance or try to make it something it wasn’t. We showed up prepared and did the work.” He also feels the couple name for Ciara and Ben that fans have nicknamed them, Cin, is “So damned cool.” He’s shocked by the number of Cinners who support them. “Every day we get more people reaching out and getting behind us. Ben and Ciara haven’t even made love, yet they have so much support. It’s awesome man.”