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It’s possible Ted’s wife could be alive.

Since coming to Salem, lawyer Ted Laurent has been a bit of a snake on Days of our Lives. He initially represented Leo Stark in his sexual harassment lawsuit against Sonny Kiriakis, and was hired by Kate Roberts who was behind Leo framing Sonny in a move to take down Titan. Ted went on to represent Theresa Donovan in her custody case for her son Tate against Brady Black, which Ted won.  At the same time, Ted grew closer to Kate, and admitted his wife had passed away from cancer. She related, having recently lost Andre, who was murdered. When Sonny and Will thought they had accidental killed Leo and hid his body, Ted learned of the crime and blackmailed them, along with Leo, who was very much alive. Kate was furious when she found out about Ted’s scheming, broke things off with him, and turned to Stefan DiMera for help dealing with the lawyer. Stefan held Ted prisoner, but he was eventually able to escape. Ted sought out Hope for protection against Stefan, and in turn she hoped Ted would help her prove Ben Weston was no good. When Stefan was arrested on corporate espionage charges, Hope suggested Ted represent him in order to get Stefan to stop threatening him. Stefan agreed, and Ted was able to clear Stefan of any wrong doing. Ted went on to land the cushy job of the District Attorney of Salem.

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Recently Ted has shown an interest in Hope Brady, even suggesting her marriage to Rafe is too broken to be fixed. Though they shared kiss, Hope insists she is in love with Rafe and wants nothing to do with Ted. Kate has warned Rafe that Ted is a snake and can’t be trusted. Meanwhile Diana Coleville somehow knows both Ted and his former wife, and commented she had seen his wife six months ago in Avignon, France. He assumed she was mistaken because his wife is dead, but seemed troubled by Diana’s certainty. Spoilers coming up indicate that Rafe not only gets Ted in trouble with Abe, but takes a trip to California to look for dirt on Ted returns with surprising news. It could be that his wife is very much alive, and perhaps faked her death in order to escape from Ted. Or perhaps she never had cancer and Ted did away with his wife, or so he thought, and now she is back. Some viewers are even speculating that Ted’s ex may be Billie Reed, who most recently was working as a cleaner for the ISA. Billie Reed was last in Salem in February 2018.

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