Nicole Walker on Days of our Lives
Credit: Image: Paul Skipper, Howard Wise/JPI

From waitress to supermodel, to mother, Days of our Lives actress has played them all.

Arianne Zucker first appeared on Days of our Lives as Nicole Walker on February 27, 1998. The character was introduced by then head writer Sally Sussman Morina. She has left the NBC soap opera several times over the years but Arianne Zucker is returning for an extended storyline arc this week. To celebrate the character’s return, has compiled 24 tidbits about Nicole Walker that our readers may not have known, or might have forgotten over the years.


Nicole Walker’s first scenes were as a waitress serving customers at the Java Café in Salem Place.


Nicole’s mother’s name is Fay, and she also was a waitress. Her father was Paul Mendez, and she has a sister named Taylor. Nicole’s mother Fay had an affair with Abe Carver, which produced her half-brother Brandon, a secret that came out when Brandon was an adult.


Nicole met and fell for Eric Brady when he was a photographer at Bella Magazine, where she landed a modeling contract and graced the covers of the magazine.


Sami and Nicole were originally friends before becoming mortal enemies, and over the years fought over several men, including Rafe Hernandez, EJ DiMera, Austin Reed and Lucas Horton.


Nicole agreed to marry Lucas when his mother Kate offered her five million dollars, unbeknownst to Lucas.


As a teen Nicole’s father forced into pornography. Nicole’s porn name was Misty Circle and she appeared in the film Locker Room Lolita.


Nicole married Victor Kiriakis for his money. When an attempt to hire Larry Welch, the former crooked DA of Salem, to kill Victor failed, she teamed up with Jan Spears to orchestrate Victor’s death, but the plan failed when he turned up alive.


While involved with Brady Black, Nicole learned his former love Chloe Lane had faked her death after a car accident due to being disfigured in the crash. Nicole schemed to botch Chloe’s reconstructive surgery to hold onto Brady, another one of her schemes that blew up in her face.


Nicole and Roman Brady had a one-night stand before she left town for Los Angeles in 2006 to run a division of Austin’s company, ARC (Austin Reed and Company).


While away from  Days of our Lives between 2006 and 2008, it was mentioned in passing that Nicole was getting married to a soap actor in LA, a nod to her real-life marriage to co-star Kyle Lowder (Brady Black, Rex Brady).

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Nicole returned to Salem in 2008 claiming to still be married to Victor, but it turned out she had never divorced a man she married in college, Trent Robbins. This nullified her earlier marriages to Lucas and Victor.


When Nicole became involved with EJ she helped him with some of his schemes, including kidnapping Stephanie Johnson.


After miscarrying a child with EJ, Nicole adopted a baby and switched it with Sami and EJ’s child, who she tried to pass off as her own and named Sydney. Her plan was exposed by Rafe.


In one of her many reunions with Brady Black, Nicole helped Brady cover up burying Vivian Alamain alive in a sarcophagus.


Nicole once worked as an on-air reporter for Titan’s TV station, WXIR.


In another attempt to hold onto Brady, Nicole once framed Arianna Hernandez for a rash of muggings in Salem, which resulted in Arianna being sent to prison.


Nicole once served as EJ DiMera’s campaign manager in his bid for mayor of Salem, and even stole the debate questions ahead of time so he could get a leg up in the race.


When a second pregnancy with EJ resulted in a miscarriage, Nicole staged a fight with Jennifer Horton and claimed Jennifer pushed her down the stairs, resulting in the child’s death. Nicole had fallen in love with Daniel Jonas at this point and wanted to keep Jenn and Daniel apart.


Eric Brady, who returned to Salem as a priest, accused Nicole of drugging and raping him because she was still in love with him. The true culprit turned out to be Kristen DiMera, who framed Nicole.


Nicole finally was able to have her own biological child when Chloe Lane acted as a surrogate for her and Daniel Jonas, but Chloe kept the parentage of the baby Holly a secret at first because Nicole was involved with Deimos Kiriakis, who she felt was a danger to Nicole and the child.


Nicole was a dead ringer for Helena Tasso, a woman Victor and Deimos fought over in Greece years ago. Deimos went to jail for Helena’s murder but was framed by Victor.


While hiding out from Deimos and after kidnapping Holly from Chloe, Nicole and Brady pretended to be a couple and moved into a remote cabin in the Canadian woods. Nicole was stalked by Scooter, their next door neighbor who was addicted to porn and a fan of Locker Room Lolita. He tried to blackmail Nicole into sex.


Nicole killed Deimos, though she and everyone at a party that night was drugged to facilitate the theft of a cursed emerald necklace, and Brady discovered a taped confession of Nicole remembering killing Deimos. He used it to blackmail Nicole into leaving Salem and Eric.


Nicole is the latest member of Salem to return from the dead, having been trapped in a warehouse fire and thought to have died in October 2018.