Tripp and Claire
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

Claire’s crazy antics are out of control.

Since coming to Salem as one of the new generations of teens on Days of our Lives, Claire Brady has found herself to be a rival of her Aunt Ciara Brady. They first competed for the love of Theo Carver, and later in the contest for the Face of Bella magazine, which Claire cheated to win. Last year after Ciara took off on her bike to clear her head about things, viewers will recall that she had an accident and was discovered by reformed serial killer Ben Weston, who nursed her back to health in a remote cabin in the woods. However, it became clear Ben was off his medication and hallucinating. He left Ciara at her urging to get his meds and then a fire at the cabin suddenly broke out. Because he had previously held Abigail hostage in a cabin and set fire to it, all eyes were on him. Over several months he managed to clear his name.

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Eventually, Ciara began dating Tripp Johnson in order to deny her feelings for Ben, but she eventually couldn’t deny that she had come to love Ben and not Tripp. With Tripp free, he and Claire eventually began to date. However now readers have learned it was Claire who set fire to the cabin with Ciara in it last year because she wanted to eliminate her aunt and have Tripp to herself. While Tripp recently discovered the lighter she used to set the blaze, Claire covered and claimed she had taken up smoking. Unfortunately, Claire’s crazy antics are far from over, and she’s become jealous of Haley Chen, who Tripp agreed to hide out in their apartment because she’s wanted for being an undocumented immigrant. Claire quickly struck a deal with Eve to expose Haley, whose status has become a hot button issue of Jack’s in his race for Salem’s mayor.

Spoilers coming up indicate that Tripp drops a bomb on Claire. We previously speculated that JJ would marry Haley, and indeed spoilers indicate he asks her to marry him, but she’s currently furious with him for exposing her secret to Jack. Tripp could attempt to play hero again and ask Haley to marry him, which would further fuel Claire’s jealousy. Or he could finally figure out everything Claire’s done and confront her with her misdeeds and crimes. We know that Olivia Rose Keegan is exiting Days of our Lives in the summer. How Claire goes out is anyone’s guess. Tripp could turn Claire into the police or realize she needs help and informs her parents so they have her committed to escape jail time.

While we wait to see what happens, tell us your predictions in the comments below and find out what else is coming this week, next week and beyond in the latest Days of our Lives spoilers.