JJ and Haley
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson/JPI

JJ’s good intentions have been known to backfire.

Since they first met when JJ saved Haley after she attempted to take her own life, JJ has been growing closer to Haley. He figured out pretty quickly that she was Melinda Trask’s sister, a fact that Trask wanted it kept secret as she began her campaign for mayor, so much so that she tossed Haley out of her house so they wouldn’t be connected. JJ quickly invited Haley to move in with him, and she eventually confided in him that she was an undocumented immigrant, a secret that Eve and Jack now know.

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Spoilers indicate that Eve will push Jack to use Haley’s secret against Melinda Trask in his own campaign for mayor of Salem. This, coupled with the casting teaser Kevin Gardner has been cast as Pastor Brown for an episode in April, suggests JJ might marry Haley to help keep her in the country. This wouldn’t be the first time JJ has gone to great lengths to help a woman. In fact, he seems to have a bit of a hero complex, which often backfires. In his attempt to protect Theresa from losing custody of Tate, JJ claimed that drugs planted in his apartment were his and was suspended from his EMT job. In the real world, this marriage would be scrutinized by the government, but soaps don’t always operate in reality. However, any publicity either from Jack and Eve about Haley, or a government investigation, could make things worse for the DA as it garners attention on her family life, and even could lead to Haley’s suicide attempt being publicized, something Haley’s tried to keep hidden. And while the man saving the woman has been a staple on soaps, JJ’s mother Jenn has saved Jack’s behind more than once. It’s also 2019, so how about JJ stop trying to rescue women and have Haley and Melinda figure a way out of this on their own?

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