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Will Chad and Abby reunite?

Since arriving in Salem, Stefan DiMera has had his sights set on his brother Chad’s wife Abigail. Recall that when Abigail killed Andre DiMera in a moment of self-defense Abigail’s personality fractured to protect her. Dr. Laura framed Gabi for the murder while Stefan and the Gabby alter quickly found themselves in love. Abigail eventually integrated her alters but learned she was pregnant. Once exonerated, Gabi quickly put a plan into motion to make everyone believe Abigail’s baby was Stefan’s, and that her alters had returned. The plan worked, and Chad had Abby committed shortly after the birth of her daughter Charlotte.

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Coming up, spoilers indicate that Abigail is furious with Chad for betraying her, and turns to her husband in name only Stefan for help. Stefan has her released believing her alter Gabby has returned, which is likely just an act of Abigail’s to get sprung. We know Abigail has Gabi’s game figured out, and once free she could put her own plan for revenge in motion to expose Gabi. Of course, with Gabi blackmailing Kate into helping her throughout this scheme, Gabi could find a way to send Abigail right back to the institution. We know from the Days winter promo that Gabi’s other nemesis Julie Williams learns she switched the DNA tests on the baby, and seeing the lengths Gabi has gone to keep this secret, Julie could be in serious danger. Chad and Abigail already forgave Gabi once for plotting to break them up, stalking Chad, and blowing up half of Salem years ago. It’s doubtful they’ll forgive her after the truth is exposed. When Gabi’s scheme finally blows up, who knows what devilish plot she’ll cook up next to get what she wants.

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