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Daytime actress’ final days at Days of our Lives.

As has reported, Marci Miller departs Days of our Lives on November 19. She’s portrayed Abigail DiMera since November of 2016. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest. Miller calls her decision to leave Days bittersweet. “It’s always a hard decision to make, to leave something like that, because it’s comfortable and you love the people. You also get very connected to and protective of the character. At the same time, it felt very right and I knew it was what I was supposed to do. But what is right is not always what is easy. I knew that if I didn’t move on and try other things now, I might regret it later. I didn’t want to be in that position.” She describes her last week on set as lovely and noted, “I was very intentional about the way I was walking in there and sitting in the makeup chair, knowing I was only going to do it for a handful of times more. I tried to spend as much time and pay as much attention to the people as I could. People were amazing my last day. Missy [Reeves, Jennifer] even said to me, ‘I’ve never seen a good-bye like that, ever, in all my time here.’ Every single person that was there was on the set. People came in on their days off. People brought me presents. Fans sent me things that were amazing . . . lots of flowers.” She admits she misses seeing her co-workers every day. “I got very close to Billy [Flynn, Chad], Sal [Stowers, Lani], Camila [Banus, Gabi], Missy, my makeup artist and hairstylist. Many of these people became some of my best friends.” She still keeps in touch with Stowers, Flynn and her hairstylist.

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Kate Mansi will reprise the role of Abigail on Days, and Miller was asked how she felt returning the role to the actress she took it over from. “When I decided I was leaving, I thought to myself in my head, ‘The best thing [the show] could possibly do for me and this character is to reach out and see if Kate Mansi would come back.’” She even confessed to her husband before she told the show about her decision to leave that, “The thing that would make me the happiest is to hand [the role] back to somebody that cared about it as much as I did.” She feels it’s serendipitous that Mansi is taking the role over.

Miller, who finished taping at Days back in May, already started taping a new series in July. She’s unable to divulge the details or working title of the show, but teased it also features actors from Breaking Bad and House of Cards and she is the lead actress. It’s a ten-episode series and she’s hoping for a second season.