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Days of our Lives needs another fulltime villain and Xander could make it work.

Nobody can ever replace Stefano DiMera as Salem’s evil villain on Days of our Lives though there’ve been a few contenders for decent villains over the years that I’ve watched such as his devilish son EJ, the hick Clyde Weston, and madman Orpheus. When Stefan O. DiMera came to Salem in 2017, we all thought he’d follow in his father’s footsteps to some degree and wreak havoc on Salem, but he’s only been involved in a little corporate espionage with Kate DiMera’s help, and much like his father has become obsessed with a woman. Otherwise he hasn’t been much of an antagonist.

Touched with the crazy stick

Xander Kiriakis debuted on Days in 2015. He too was touched or maybe bashed over the head with the crazy stick. He became obsessive over Nicole Walker – a real person – from the moment he met her and though he wanted Nicole in his bed, he never forced her. We’ve watched him tease her while wearing a towel and we’ve been disgusted on Nicole’s behalf, knowing he tried to murder her and threatened her with blackmail daily. But shirtless Xander confuses and distracts.

Love him, love to hate him, or just hate him, twisted Xander Cook Kiriakis is entertaining, frightening, and calls other characters out on their shit, something only Victor Kiriakis does in Salem. Xander may be deranged yet he has an underlying vulnerability when it comes to wanting his uncle, the paragon of virtue, Victor’s respect and approval.

Xander’s charming, he’s present in his scenes, he’s dangerous, ruthless and though he’s a Kiriakis, he’s more DiMera-esque than any other DiMera still alive. Kristen’s got more bark than bite this time around, Chad’s always been good, and we can’t count our brain damaged “mystery patient” since we’re not 100% sure he’s EJ.

Even after Theresa Donovan seduced him and cried rape, hopeful for his arrest, he still helped her to escape El Fideo’s clutches, albeit with a handful of diamonds, and a promise that she’d help him get back in Vic’s good graces, but he could have killed her, and he didn’t.

Does he measure up against Stefan O?

My first thoughts of Stefan O were that he was stiff and serious, had a flat affect yet was naughty and handsome. The rest of the adjectives are negative. The first time I’d seen the character fully awake was last week when he assumed Gabby was back. Xander, on the other hand, is actually more psychotic than Stefan. I can’t recall Stefan killing anyone or attempting to. We’ve already checked off the obsessive gene from the list, and Xander has surprised us by being lackadaisical and humorous while at times he’s intense and downright frightening.

A few of Xander’s misdeeds

Xander was head of an international blood diamond smuggling ring, though he ran a European pharmaceutical company as a cover. He laundered money in Cyprus and Cuba for his uncle Victor Kiriakis.

Blackmailed Nicole into marrying him.

He wears a towel in half his scenes which is appreciated by the audience. Wait. That’s not a misdeed.

He’s unbalanced as it gets. He attempted to kill Eric and Nicole after Nicole toyed with his affections.

He teamed up with Clyde Weston and Orpheus to break out of prison and terrorized the town.

Xander shot Brady and kidnapped Nicole and Holly and brought them to his private Greek island where he locked Nicole up in a cage.

It’s good to have a villain who keeps us on our toes. Xander is hated and humiliated by most Salemites. He has something to prove and people to pay back. Viewers can root for Xander, hate him and love to hate him. Do you want Xander as Days’ next full time villain? Vote in the poll and leave us a comment below.