Sweeney’s return to Days showcases Sami’s spirited side.

It’s fitting that Friday the 13th brings Alison Sweeney back to Days of our Lives, and that the storyline surrounding her visit is a return from the dead. Soaps.com wonders who can resist, especially so close to Halloween? Sweeney teased TV Insider in an interview about her Salem homecoming by saying, “She’s been living in Europe and the gossip coming to her about Will is all third-party – and it’s coming from Ben [Will’s killer, played by Robert Scott Wilson] of all people! Plus, Sami doesn’t dare let herself believe Will is alive. To have that hope and then have it shattered would be a horrible thing. It would be like living his death all over again.”

Sweeney, who generally doesn’t voice complaints about the show, went public about “Days'” decision to kill off legacy character, Will, stating that she disagreed with their choice. “That was the only complaint about ‘Days’ I’ve ever made out loud. It’s not my place and it’s not my way to do that sort of thing, but it had to be said.”

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The actress opened up about speaking with new head-writer, Ron Carlivati, about who she thought Sami was now, and that “she’ll always be the Sami that [former head writer] Jim Reilly developed in 1993.” Incidentally, Carlivati’s writing style is similar to Reilly’s, which means Sami’s returning “at full throttle,” the actress stated. She feels that the show has a similar feel to the “Days” she “loved as a kid,” and says, “Ron has brought back that same spirit. He brings a lighter touch in comparison to all that death and destruction and rape after rape. There’s more romance, more fun, more fantasy, which is what makes people want to tune in.”

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– Christine Fix