Will returns from the dead, appearing to his father during a time of need.

In a poignant moment at St. Luke’s Cathedral on September 15, Lucas, who has been on a bender for weeks, will hallucinate seeing his son Will, who was murdered by Ben Weston, AKA the Necktie Killer, in 2015. Soaps.com has discovered that Will Horton, who will be played by Chandler Massey, will appear  on the NBC soap. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Massey talked about leaving the soap to finish his college education and that “the bulk of my major requirements are over, so I’m in the home stretch. I can take classes at my leisure now.” This means he can also pick Will’s story up.

The Days fall previews tease at what viewers can expect and in an interview with NY Post, Massey was asked how it came to be that Will is returning since the character is dead. As we all know, soaps often bring back characters from the dead. Massey informed, “I guess I can say [laughs] he’s not a zombie. Soaps have their ways, you know? Will certainly wouldn’t be the first person to come back from the dead. They have a medically plausible explanation.” The actor goes on to say that there will be a sizeable wrench thrown into Sonny and Paul’s romance.

When the legacy character was killed off, it made for a good story, and great acting all around, but considering that the character was beloved, a Horton and a Brady, and that he was a part of the first gay marriage in Salem as well as in soaps, there was an outpouring of anger and grief. Since serial dramas run for years, young Will had a lot of life left to live, and a lot of stories to touch fans with. The murder was massively short-sighted and since, Days of our Lives has replaced that head-writer with Ron Carlivati, who viewers are saying has corrected some mistakes in only a few short months, including this one.

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– Christine Fix