With the Gabi, Chad, Eli and Abigail story heating up on “Days of Our Lives,” it was the perfect time to catch up with Camila Banus (Gabi) at a Soul Cycle fitness event sponsored by Identify: LA and Addicted Youth PR. Not only did Soaps.com get a chance to work out with Banus, we got the inside scoop on that steamy love triangle.

What’s to come for Gabi:

Soaps.com: Your storyline is so juicy right now. What’s in store for Gabi and her adventure in Greece?

Banus: Yesterday [Friday], the cliffhanger I stowed away on the plane and then you see me in the cutest flight attendant outfit. That little red hat!

It is so fun to play that little role because we don’t get to play comedic moments that often. When we do get to do them, they are so fun.

Gabi is a smart girl and she’s sharp. Every time she smells something fishy she follows the scent. She tries to investigate, especially when it has to do with her family. She knows that Dario and her dad are involved — something is going on. She knows everybody is going except for her. What the heck, that’s not fair!

She decides to stow away and no one wants her around. Sonny thinks she will be a problem and get in the way. And that’s when she runs into Chad, who is bummed out about the whole Abigail situation.

Soaps.com: Where does Eli stand in all of this?

Banus: [Gabi and Eli] have been brutally honest with each other. He knows she’s still into Chad, but he thinks if Gabi spends time with him, she will forget about him. But Gabi still has feelings for Chad and Eli knows that.

Soaps.com: That kiss between Chad and Gabi that’s coming up in the storyline — what does that kiss mean to her?

Banus: It’s going to be so confusing, honestly. Up to now, all that she’s been saying about Abigail is, “She’s your wife, and she’s the mother of your child. It doesn’t matter if she had a mental breakdown, she is your wife.”

Gabi would love to be with Chad. She would love to kiss him. She would love to have sex with him. She wants all of those things, but this kiss puts her in a very difficult situation.

Gabi cares about Abigail. She was my best friend and I care about her health. I care about her physically and emotionally.

Soaps.com: And then there’s Dario.

Banus: Yes, we have Dario in the mix. Dario and Abigail? It’s a question mark.

New head writer:

Soaps.com: How has the transition been with Ron Carlivati coming aboard as the new head writer?

Banus: It’s really hard for us and I’m pretty blunt. It’s hard for the actors to be put in these situations where we are supposed to hate the outgoing writers and love the new ones coming in. Everybody says we are doing great and a little time passes and then we are supposed to hate them while waiting for new ones.

It’s a weird situation to be in and I respect all of the writers who have been on our show — past and present. I think they’ve all done their best job with what we have with our budget and our circumstances.

I’m excited to be working with Ron. I haven’t had a chance to meet with him, but I am supposed to be meeting with him after our hiatus.

Soaps.com: What would you like to tell him about Gabi?

Banus: There are a lot of things I hope for her. I hope she finds love, but I think she needs to find herself better. She went through a huge transformation when she was in prison —this metamorphosis of girl to woman. She needs to find out who that woman is.

I don’t think a relationship will get her there, but she desperately wants that. She wants to have safety and father figure for her daughter.

Big soapy returns:

Soaps.com: And I have to ask about Chandler Massey returning as Will Horton. It’s exciting news!

Banus: It’s a huge character for huge character and us for Gabi. I am excited that he’s coming back.

Soaps.com: Is he there for the long term?

Banus: What we’ve been told is that he’s there for a little bit. It’s not a two-episode thing, but I don’t know how long it is. I think people are going are really going to enjoy his story.

Soaps.com: Is Will Horton dead or alive?

Banus: Aha, that’s for everybody to find out! There’s also a mystery character coming back as well that nobody knows about.

Soaps.com: Do you know who it is?

Banus: Yes, he will actually be… oh, dang it! [Yes, she revealed the gender of the character.] They will actually be introducing Chandler back on the show.

Fitness buff:

Soaps.com: With such a whirlwind of activity on the show, I know fitness is important to you off-camera.

Banus: My favorite thing to do is squats. I love legs. I am versatile, though. I like to do a hike in the morning, have breakfast, and wait a couple of hours and then work out.

Soaps.com: What has inspired you to stay fit?

Banus: I enjoy the gym exercises. I have recently been working out with a trainer, which you can see on Instagram. She’s really great because what she’s taught me during a training session, I’ve applied at the gym.

If I have an objective, then I am not on my phone or waiting around or bored. Even at home, I have little ankle weights and a roller and I do stuff at home with a mat. If you can’t get to the gym or a class, just do 20 minutes.

Soaps.com: How have the fans responded to your fitness posts?

Banus: They’ve been really helpful and positive. They love my workouts and the fact that I give descriptions. Actually, they want more descriptions, so I will be adding that to my website, Camila Banus, soon.

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Photo credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

– Kristyn Burtt