Exclusive! Days of our Lives Molly Burnett and Casey Deidrick are dating! recently had an opportunity to chat with Molly Burnett (Melanie Layton) and Casey Deidrick (Chad Peterson), about what it’s like dating while working on Days of Our Lives. This adorable couple dish on “Harry Potter,” who keeps the messiest dressing room to what it’s like working on set as a couple! What’s on the agenda for both of you today?

Molly Burnett: Oh… I’m thinkin’ about learning some lines for tomorrow.
Casey Deidrick: Definitely tackling Molly a few times, run lines with each other for this upcoming week, and spending time with my new Shiba Inu, Ace. (Which he assures me are the coolest dogs ever!) How did you meet and what were your reactions to each other?

Casey Deidrick: We were introduced by Marnie, our amazing casting director and from there, she had my attention. Then Molly, Mark (Hapka, Nathan Horton), and I went out dancing one night and my skills on the dance floor really impressed her…
Molly Burnett: Oh is that so? Actually we really hung out at the Dodgers game first that Eric (Martsolf, Brady Black) and Nadia (Bjorlin, Chloe Lane Black Horton) sang [at the Dodgers Stadium] and found out that when we were growing up we lived like 15 minutes away from each other in Littleton Colorado! But yeah, Casey’s got mad dancin’ skills.’re not yet working together, (yet?) are you hoping that you’ll have some lines together at some point or do you prefer playing opposite others, instead?

Molly Burnett: Haven’t you heard? Melanie and Chad are the next huge super couple! [Jokes] I think our characters run in different circles for the time being but Casey’s incredibly talented and I would love to work with him and have Melanie give poor Chad a run for his trouble making money!
Casey Deidrick: Oh yeah? Well, if that’s the case…Bring it! [laughs] Molly continuously blows my mind with the amount of talent she has, she’s brilliant and I would love to work with her. I think those two characters would make for a very interesting scene and eventually a great “super couple.”