Camila Banus is busy on the set of Days of our Lives as Gabi Hernandez, yet still has time for some moonlighting. has learned that Camila Banus (“Days of our Lives,” “Mistresses”) and Nicole Bilderback (“Bring it On,” “Clueless”) will star in “Speak Now,” a coming of age tale focusing on four young women who must face becoming young adults and leaving their old friendships behind.

TJ and her friends throw a bachelorette party for their high school best friend, Nella (Banus), who reveals in the middle of the party that she is cheating on her fiance and TJ’s old high school sweetheart. Upon finding out this information the bridesmaids are faced with, not only the decision of who their friends really are, but whether or not to reveal this tidbit of information to the groom.

The movie, much like a soap, is filled with love triangles, scandalous secrets and broken vows. Opening Thursday February 16, “Speak Now” is a cross between “Mean Girls” and “Bridesmaids.”

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Marigold the Matador.

Camila Banus will be seen in “Marigold the Matador” which was filmed in 2016 and is in post-production. “Marigold the Matador” has only 3 lead actors and 5 crew members working on it in 5 different locations. There is no script written for this urban fable about a single mother, a schizophrenic homeless man, and an 11-year old matador named Marigold.

The story unfolds with young Marigold going to school during the day and being quite alone as her mother Lily, (Karla Ojeda), works at night. The young girl (Maia Kahlo) befriends a schizophrenic homeless man as she transitions from young girl to adult (Camila Banus). When the man becomes combative she imagines herself to be a Matador as El Toro becomes the embodiment of her fear and loneliness. “Marigold the Matador” is Kenneth Castillo’s 7th feature film. His wife plays the part of Lily while his daughter plays young Marigold. There is no word on a release date as of yet.

Almost Amazing.

The tagline: When not believing in love is a job, what happens when you find something, amazing?

Banus also plays Taylor in romantic comedy “Almost Amazing” with “Empire” actress, AzMarie Livingston, and sports star, and Tae Bo fitness inventor, Billy Blanks (“Sunset Beach”), “Suits” and “Y&R” alum Eric Roberts, and Aeriél Miranda (“Pretty Little Liars”). The movie was shot last spring and follows three men who run a professional breakup agency as they have their own larger issues in attempting to end their own deteriorating relationships.

There is no word when “Almost Amazing” will hit the big screen. will update when more information becomes available.

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– Christine Fix