Weddings, Civil War lovers, and more. recently spoke with “Days of our Lives'” Stephen Nichols (Steve “Patch” Johnson) and Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Brady Johnson). They discussed their huge wedding from the eighties, how their upcoming one was much different, their favorite storyline, and what is ahead for Steve and Kayla. Thank you both for talking to us today.

Stephen Nichols: Well thank you for wanting to talk to us! Obviously, Steve and Kayla’s original wedding was one of the biggest in “Days’” history, was there pressure to follow it up at all?

Mary Beth Evans: I think it was number one?

Nichols: It was number one for seventeen years.

Evans: Yeah, that’s what it was!

Nichols: No, we didn’t feel any pressure in any way.

Evans: And that wedding was just so extravagant. It was outside, which was a big deal on a daytime show.

Nichols: On a boat!

Evans: It was beautiful.

Nichols: It was shot like a film, it was gorgeous.

Evans: I’ve had people sending me all kind of pictures in the last few weeks [of the wedding] and I think wow, I never even saw those pictures, of the huge boat. But this [wedding] is more intimate, today and now, and about where these people are in their lives. It felt different, but this is way more intimate.

Nichols: The thing about it is it is such a scaled down one compared to the weddings in the 80s that we all experienced on soaps. It focuses the attention on us and what we were saying to one another, and on the actual ceremony itself and the vows. I think that was exactly what was needed, especially for the two of us for our characters. To be able to just speak to one another, in a simple way, it worked out great. We felt very moved by it and very happy. Clearly the first wedding is one that fans remember, but what has been your favorite Steve and Kayla storyline to date?

Nichols: Mary Beth likes Emily and Gideon.

Evans: I like Emily and Gideon because we got to reinvent the love story which was nice. There were costumes, and locations, and Oak Alley, and it was really fun. So, that has always stood out.

Nichols: It was a fantasy, it wasn’t really us, but we were reading this beautiful diary, in the old mansion, and then it would flash to the characters.

Evans: Stephen’s character Gideon played “Down in the Valley” on the harpsichord or something [harmonica]. I had a baby a year later, and I always sang that song to him as I was rocking him to sleep. I’m sure it was because of that. [Nichols begins singing the song, which causes Evans to laugh.] So we know that Steve and Ava’s long lost son is going to be showing up in Salem, is that going to impact Steve and Kayla’s happiness?

Nichols: Yes, initially a lot. It will impact our lives in a big way, and Joe’s life too. It’s another bomb. You can’t have soap operas without conflict. You can’t be happy for too long. Speaking of bombs, recently the news broke that Ron Carlivati has been named Days of our Lives new head writer. Has this news had any impact on set? Are people exited? Are they looking forward to it?

Nichols: Everyone is excited. There is always good energy when someone new is brought in. He’s got a good reputation from his work on “GH.” He’s a good writer, and as long as he directs the show with the history . . . you know he’s a good writer. We haven’t received scripts yet so we don’t know. However, we are all happy and encouraged. That’s great to hear. On that note of history, last week’s viewers saw Joe Mascolo’s last scenes as Stefano. Do you have any favorite memory with him on set or a storyline?

Nichols: You know Joe, my favorite memory was every time he was at the studio. He filled the set up with his personality and energy.

Evans: He was bigger than, bigger than life in person.

Nichols: To work with him was a joy because he was such a good actor and he was a lot of fun to do scenes with. I just want to thank you for speaking with us and our readers and I have one final question. Do you think this will be the marriage that sticks for Steve and Kayla?

Evans: Ohhhhh I hope so!

Nichols: Oh, I know so! Fans would love it.

Nichols: There is no way we can be torn apart again, at least not permanently. I don’t think we’ll ever get a divorce. [Evans chuckles.] I don’t know what I’d do. Stephen wouldn’t be happy and Patch would be just devastated! He would crawl into a rock and never come out.

Evans: You are cute.

Nichols: We [Steve and Kayla] worked really hard for this.

Evans: He [Steve] worked hard to get this marriage to happen. He was very patient. thanks Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols for taking time out of their busy schedule to speak with us. Be sure to tune in for their wedding this Thursday on “Days.” In the meantime watch these classic videos of the couple we’ve gathered, and browse a photo gallery of their past weddings and the upcoming one.

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– Dustin Cushman