Returning to Salem for a Valentine’s Day wedding? confirms Shelley Hennig (“Teen Wolf,” “Ouija”) will be returning to “Days of our Lives” as ex-race car driver and Steve and Kayla’s daughter, Stephanie Johnson, on February 14 and 15 in 2017 for a big celebration – (teaser) her parents’ wedding.

Hennig debuted on “Days” April 23, 2007 where she stayed until April 6, 2011. Stephanie finished her studies at Salem U, and then worked as hospital administration at University Hospital in Salem. Hennig was put up for a Daytime Emmy for her acting in the unforgettable sorority storyline when Stephanie was raped by the campus serial rapist, Ford Decker, played by Matthew Florida. spoke with Hennig about her nomination. She explained her pre-nom by humbly stating, “People from ‘Days’, producers and whoever is in the crowd over there thought I was good enough to be in the running. Mine was kind of, it was pretty obvious which episode was gonna be the one for me and I knew it right after I shot it.” She was referring to the emotional scene where Stephanie admitted to her friend Cordy Han, (Jamie Chung) that she was raped by Ford. After healing, Stephanie dated the likes of Max Brady (Darin Brooks), Jeremy Horton (Trevor Donovan), Philip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson), before becoming interested in Nathan Horton (Mark Hapka). Nathan, meanwhile, was into Melanie Layton at the time, who was involved with Philip Kiriakis. Since Melanie was taken, Nathan and Stephanie got together. Things were going well and the couple became engaged, but Stephanie’s ever-growing insecurity made her make a few poor choices in order to ‘keep’ Nathan’s interest. She learned Philip cheated on Melanie with Chloe Lane, and with a friend’s help, changed the paternity results to reflect that Daniel Jonas was the father, hopeful Nathan wouldn’t leave her for a suddenly free Melanie. When Nathan learned the truth, he left her and she in turn left Salem.

While there have been calls made to Stephanie in the past, it is unknown what she’s been doing all these years.

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Photo credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

– Christine Fix