While we haven’t seen Alison Sweeney play Sami Brady for a while, we’re happy to see her on the talk show circuit!

Alison Sweeney spoke with Soaps.com about Days, her role in the new Hallmark movie, and her food network special, and today, the actress is making the rounds, again discussing the movie, and her family and how she likes her kids to stay fit and healthy.

Blueberries are a staple in their home, says the actress, who took the time to show the hosts her recipe for making a healthier option of blueberry banana ice cream. From all of the moaning Soaps.com heard in the video from those who were lucky enough to sample the ice cream, it appears to be delicious. Folks can watch “Home & Family” as airs weekdays at 10:00 AM ET/PT on the Hallmark Channel, and check out Sweeney’s recipe below.

Alison’s Healthy Blueberry ‘ice cream’ recipe:

2 frozen bananas, chopped. (Make sure to chop them before freezing, freeze for at least 2 hours)
1 cup of frozen blueberries
2 vanilla beans, split lengthwise (Be sure to scrape down the sides of the blender to make sure all the ingredients fully blend in for ultimate creaminess)

Combine in a powerful blender or food processor.

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Photo credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media Family Networks/Photographer: Jeremy Lee

– Christine Fix