Days of Our Lives star Kyler Pettis spoiled some drama to come for his on-screen family.

On the heels of Days’ Jen Lilley teasing about an emotional time for Theresa Donovan coming, actor Kyler Pettis (“Days of our Lives'” Theo Carver) tweeted a cryptic but intriguing message about what might lay ahead for his Salem family. The actor’s online missive didn’t make clear whether this core Salem family would meet good times or bad ones.

However, recent goings-on on the show might give us a clue. First, there’s the terrible trio of prison escapees Xander, Clyde, and Orpheus and the blackout they caused, which has the whole town in chaos. Then Theo struggled with a sensory overload situation at the DiMera mansion where he and others gathered to find safety in numbers. Next, Theo went to the police station to see his dad, who said Theo’s mom, Lexie, would be proud of all Theo’s accomplished. Finally, Theo encountered another youth who struggled with autism and offered him words of support. Could Lexie Carver be on her way back? Will she come bearing news that might affect the whole family, or is something about to happen to Abe?

If the tweet that Pettis posted is any indication, whether the week holds good or bad news for the Carvers, it will certainly be surprising! We’ll just have to watch as the drama unfolds, and for those who like to know in advance, check back as Days spoilers are added to daily.

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Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

– Akbi Khan