4 times Kate Roberts planned murder.

 “Days of our Lives” Kate Roberts is as dangerous as she is smart and tough. Many who have crossed this diva have found themselves on the wrong side of a murder plot. Soaps.com takes a look at a few of Kate’s vengeful attempted murders. With the recent reveal of Kate as the Tatenapper, not even kids are safe from her wrath.

Victor Kiriakis:
In 2001 Kate took ‘til death do us part literally when she tried to have Victor Kiriakis killed. After Victor caught her in a compromising position with mob boss Vincent Moroni, he was finished with her. Kate, not the kind of woman you reject, plotted Victor’s murder with her lover. At Greta’s coronation Kate grew a conscience and tried to stop the hit. Vincent’s daughter Angela was killed by the gunplay and later, he committed suicide.

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Steve and Kayla Johnson:
Steve Johnson and Kyla Johnson were just pawns in Kate’s wicked plan to frame Stefano and help Lucas get Sami back in 2007. Kate convinced Lucas they should tamper with Steve and Kyla’s brakes on their car to make it look as though the DiMera/Brady vendetta was still on. Lucas changed his mind at the last minute and blasted his mom for tampering with the brakes. The police concluded that the job was done by an amateur rather than Stefano. Kate was never found out.

Chloe Jonas:
Not even saving Kate’s life will make you immune to her plotting the end of yours. Chloe Jonas donated bone marrow in 2008 when Kate had stage four lung cancer. A short time after, Kate saw Chloe and Daniel kissing in the park and was irate. She hatched a plan to poison some brownies and set Daniel up for the fall. Chloe went into a coma after she ate the deadly treats.

Episode # 12222Nick Fallon:
It was 2013 when Kate found Gabi in the woods a hot mess next to an unconscious Nick Fallon, her mama bear instincts kicked in. Sami arrived and learned Nick attacked Gabi so they devised a plan to get rid of the body in the river, except Nick wasn’t dead when they threw him over. They heard him yell out. Though Gabi did not want Nick dead, Kate and Sami let go of his hand and let the river finish the deadly job. It backfired when Nick survived and blackmailed everyone with the help of Percy Ruggles. Later Gabi overheard Nick threatening Sonny and killed him.

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– Destiny Carter