reported to you on December 8 2006 that Chelsea is on MySpace. To refresh your memory, find Chelsea AKA Angry Angel here.
Now we’ve found out that her online love, ‘Lonely Splicer’ AKA Dr. Shane Patton AKA Nick Fallon, is also on MySpace!

Here’s the thing, all you MySpacers. ‘Lonely Splicer’ hasn’t posted a blog yet. It’s our job to encourage him to start writing! Help me get him blogging by adding him as a friend and leaving him an encouraging comment! You can find him here Lonely Splicer

If you haven’t already added us to your list of friends, can be found on MySpace here Soapsdotcom Check out our blog and photo gallery! We’ve met some great people on MySpace and do try to keep in touch when we can!