Tatenapping prompts memories of past Salem kidnappings.

Recently Tate Donovan Black was kidnapped from the park in Salem when his mother Theresa Donovan was drugged. Though this has presumed dead Kristen DiMera’s name all over it, Summer Townsend appeared to be behind it, however she is pointing her finger at someone else who is no stranger to kidnappings! This incident brought to mind several other kidnappings that have occurred on “DOOL.”

Sami kidnaps Belle.
In 1993, after Sami Brady learned her mother Marlena Evans Brady was having an affair with John Black, it affected her greatly. Through her volunteer position at the hospital, she hacked into the computer and discovered that John was the biological father of her baby sister, Belle Black. Wanting to protect her father, Roman Brady, from the painful truth, Sami changed the blood test results and then kidnapped Belle and planned to sell her on the black market. John and Kristen Blake went undercover and found the baby, and John returned her to Marlena’s arms at Christmas Mass while Billie Reed sang a hymn.

The Claire kidnappings.
As a child, Claire Brady was kidnapped three times! When she was born, her mother, Belle Black, believed her father to be Philip Kiriakis, however it later was revealed that Shawn Brady was actually Claire’s biological dad. As a result, Victor Kiriakis had Claire briefly kidnapped from a diner to make Belle seem like a negligent parent. Later, when Philip, back from the war and fresh off a face transplant in Canada, won custody of Claire, Belle and Shawn kidnapped her and took her out of the country with the help of Steve Johnson. Following that crisis, Shawn and Belle married, but when he considered divorce after learning Belle had slept with Philip before their wedding, Claire was kidnapped again! Her parents located her safely in Ireland, where Colleen Brady, who believed the girl to be her great-granddaughter through her long, lost son John Black, had been protecting her from Stefano DiMera, who blamed her for his terrible childhood. Years later, Colleen learned that John wasn’t her son after all.

Sydney’s kidnapping.
In 2008, Nicole Walker miscarried EJ DiMera’s baby but continued to feign pregnancy, and paid Mia McCormick 10 grand to illegally adopt her baby at birth. However, Nicole learned that Sami Brady was secretly pregnant with EJ’s child and with Dr. Baker’s help, switched Sami’s newborn daughter Sydney for Mia’s child, Grace, who later died. Rafe Hernandez became suspicious of Nicole’s behavior following Grace’s death and ran a DNA test, which proved Sami was Sydney’s mother. Nicole returned the child to her parents, but then kidnapped her again when she overheard Sami and EJ fighting. This time, just as Nicole had a change of heart and was about to return Sydney, she was hit over the head and the child was taken away. Anna DiMera was later revealed to be Sydney’s kidnapper, which was a shock until a massive twist revealed that EJ DiMera was the mastermind who paid Anna 5 grand to do his bidding after he learned Sami lied about giving birth to his daughter. Enraged and wanting to make Sami pay for keeping his child from him, he came up with the Sydnapping. As days turned into weeks, EJ started having feelings for Sami again. Guilt settled in and he decided to end the punishment and become the hero. Just as Sami wondered how she could go on without her daughter, EJ waltzed in with Sydney, saving the day. EJ paid for his misdeeds when Rafe uncovered the truth and told Sami, who then shot EJ in the head. Of course he lived, no worse for the wear.

Ciara stalked and stolen.
In 2009, a young Ciara Brady was stalked by a man who later won her trust and kidnapped her from the Salem Carnival. Ciara believed that Kyle was taking her to see her parents, Bo and Hope Brady, in the hospital following an accident. Theo Carver saw them leave the carnival together and noted the man’s angel tattoo. Ciara was taken to a cabin in a wooded area where Kyle, his sister Brenda, and her boyfriend, Dean Hartman, a Salem cop gone bad, planned to hold the child for ransom. The plan went awry, Dean killed Kyle and Brenda, then shot himself in the shoulder to make it look like he was actually Ciara’s rescuer. Ciara’s nightmares involving Dean, who repeatedly clicked his Zippo lighter open and closed during her time in captivity, later led to his arrest when he tried to collect the reward money and she recognized the familiar sound.

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Photo credit: Howard Wise, Paul Skipper/JPI; NBC

– Candace Young