When it looks as though her daughter’s involved in a double suicide pact, a mother will stop at nothing to prove she’s alive and in danger!

Soaps alum, Lindsay Hartley, (Dr. Cara Castillo, “All My Children,” Arianna Hernandez, “Days of our Lives,” Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, “Passions”) will be starring in the Lifetime thriller, “Dying to be Loved,” which premieres Saturday April 16 at 8:00 PM ET/PT. Also starring are Paloma Kwiatkowski (“Bates Motel”), Dan Payne (“The Cabin in the Woods”) and Jedidiah Goodacre (“Tomorrowland”).

Hartley plays Jill Yates, a successful lawyer, engaged to Connor (Payne), a self-made business man. They are busy planning their wedding. Jill’s daughter, Emily, 18, (Kwiatkowski) is a freshman in college. Extremely introverted and suffering from bouts of depression, Jill is thrilled when Emily asks if she can invite a young man to dinner. The thrill is gone, however, when she and Connor meet Gary, 25, (Goodacre), an obnoxious and self-involved young man with a temper. Emily can see no wrong in Gary and Connor suggests Jill not criticize Gary as it will only draw Emily closer to him. Gary proves to be more dangerous than anyone thought when he is involved in a road rage incident while out with Emily and he ends up killing a man. Emily is also charged with the crime because she handled the gun – even though she was trying to keep Gary from using it. Gary is convicted of manslaughter but released into the custody of his brother, a policeman, before going to prison. He convinces Emily to run away with him. She leaves a note for her mother saying life is not worth living if they can’t be together. When a video camera appears to show the two jumping to their deaths in a “double suicide,” Jill is devastated and feels guilty. However, she believes Gary killed her daughter and faked his own death. She uses all her resources to discover the truth – her daughter is indeed alive. Now both mother and daughter must find a way to save themselves.

“Dying to be Loved,” is executive produced by Tom Berry, David DeCrane and Gilles LaPlante. Producers are Nicole Reid and Costas Vassos. The film was written by Stephen Lyons. Director is Paul Shapiro.

Hartley was last seen in Nightmare Nurse, where the actress portrays a gorgeous, yet obsessive nurse with an agenda.

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Photo credit: Howard Wise/JPI

– Christine Fix