Soap star creates educational school books.

Meredith Scott Lynn of “Days of our Lives” has created a unique line of children’s books which are being used in eight schools in Florida and are available in 34 states across the country.  The books, which contain picture but no words, encourage children to use their imagination to create their own story.

Parents and kids can visit the Write Brain website and order from the selection of books.  After writing their own story they can even publish the book and receive a hard-cover copy.

Lynn says she was inspired when she reached for a book to read to her 10-month old niece, Lila, and the book had pictures but no words.  When she created her own story for the book she realized, “What a good idea. I just wrote my own children’s book. What if Lila, one day, could write her own children’s book?  So I had the idea for “Write Brain Books” where they’re illustrated children’s books, with no words, and kids of all ages, parents, can author their own children’s books by looking at the pictures on the pages.”

In her interview with WESH 2, Lynn explains that they’ve created an entire curriculum for teachers and after-school caregivers and book sales help fund their non-profit organization. “One hundred percent of the profits fund our non-profit which provides our curriculum, our after school program and our materials to foster-care youth, homeless kids, underserved programs at schools where they can’t afford basically anything.”


Watch Jen Lilly and Meredith Scott Lynn’s rap video. Also watch Meredith talk about a collaboration outside the show with Deidre Hall.

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Photo credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

– Donna Anderson